Tourists punished for lockdown violation, India

Due to violation of the lockdown of 10 foreign tourists in India, the police have given a unique punishment i-e to write a sentence 500 times ‘I am Sorry’.

Lockdowns have been banned from leaving homes due to lockdowns in late March across India, only to be allowed out of the home if needed or in urgent cases.

Despite Corona’s rapid outbreak and lockdown in India, tourists from Austria, Australia, Mexico, and Israel were arrested while traveling in the Indian city of Rishi Cash.

Local police officer Vinod Sharma told Indian media that due to the breakage of lockdown rules and regulations, police wrote the most separate ‘’I am Sorry” from tourists.

The police officer said that at present there are more than 700 foreign tourists in India, they are locked in hotels and homes following the law, while they punished the tourists for teaching a lesson on violation of lockdown.

Foreign tourists are only allowed to stay in their hotels if they violate the law, legal action will be taken.

It may be noted that in India more than 8,300 people have been affected due to coronavirus while 273 deaths have been reported.

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