Torrenting Ideas and Gimmicks: 5 Torrent Sites to Download High-Quality Movies and TV Series

You could always chill and have a cocktail or two because you deserve it. And what could be better than that? It could still be spiced up with a great movie or a marvelous series to binge-watch while sitting comfortably on your couch. With a little help from some torrenting sites and VPN, you can have access to tons and tons of films and TV series.

Here is the list of some of the great, astonishing, and top torrent sites where you can download high-quality films and TV series.


This site started for more than a decade and is now, without a doubt, one of the most popular sources of torrent files since it is more accessible and continually available to users. RARBG allows the users to either download the torrent file or use the magnets links, thus making downloading faster and easier.

Due to its user-friendly design, it helps the users to search and scan tons of torrent files to ensure that the user will have what they are seeking. Like other sites, rarbg and its mirror sites are safe to use.


Zoogle is the most adaptable torrent site that you will ever encounter. This platform contains a whopping 38,000 films and over 172,000 TV episodes in its database. Zoogle has a rather unconventional design and is somewhat different from the old-school or popular websites, but the thing is it is fairly easy to use.

One great quality about Zoogle is that it has a subscription box that will alert you when there are available new episodes of your favorite TV show or even a new film.


EZTV is one of the most active and prominent torrent sites in the game, and it is also suitable for those people who develop some liking in TV series. With its astounding built-in admin checker and calendar, which outlines the launch dates of the series or films. All these features will surely improve your torrenting experience.

When it comes to the navigation of the site, it is simple, thus making it easier to utilize. And if you tend to encounter trouble, there is an active forum or a Frequently Asked Questions and help section. Although using this site, it is ideal to have a pop-up blocker to avoid getting frustrated.


With its sleek modern design making it easy to navigate and a wide array of high-quality films. YTS resonates with most of its audience. It houses an amazing and incredible variety of movies, and you will be able to download them in HD quality with just a small file size. Thus, making it absolutely perfect for those who want to download movies fast. However, unlike EZTV, YTS lacks an active member foundation.


iDope is fairly new to the torrent scene, but it became one of the staple torrent sites and is extremely common for a good reason. Not just the site has a wonderful and ornate design and also has user-friendly navigation. Its main standout among the others is that it managed to index 12 million torrents and counting. The site often bills itself as a tribute to the trusted KickassTorrents, but it is hazy as to what that actually means.


With all of these torrent sites in the back of your hand, it is now easy to track down new and freshly out films and TV series and, at some point, download them. Always keep in mind to be cautious at all times about accessing sites since there are laws regarding infringement in file sharing that are imposed on every country; thus, it is recommended to use a VPN to be safe because it is better to be safe than sorry.

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