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Video is a universal format for any stories and media.  It helps to convey information richly, but gently, without mental overload.

One study found that one minute of video replaces 1.8 million words of printed text in terms of weight.  Of course, it all depends on the quality of the first and second, but this does not change the essence: video is the most concentrated and convenient format.  When in doubt about which content to choose: static or animation, choose motion. You can learn about various types of digital products and services you can sell, on this website:

To make a high-quality video, you need a lot: from a professional studio to complex production and editing.  These are big budgets and a big team.  You need to give your best, even if you are making a very small video.  Not to mention Apple and Mercedes level videos.

However, there are always good specialists who can make a very high quality video at a nice price, like

How to make animation yourself

It can be as advanced and complex as Pixar’s, but that level of skill is hardly necessary for an explainer video.  Or basic and quiet lifting even for beginners – when only one fragment is animated or only one effect is used.

The shortest way is the animation constructor.

Here you just take a template that you like and edit.  You can change everything, from the inscription to the concept as a whole – but in order not to complicate your task, it is better to choose something close to the final idea.

It is easy to work with constructors – you create an author’s design from the “details”, reassembling them in your own way, and that’s it.  But there is also a difficulty: the fact is that the templates were created by professional designers, and beginners in the process can accidentally go beyond harmony.  And then it will turn out so-so.

Here are three basic principles to keep you on track:

* Watching is critical.  If it seems that you have entered the wrong place, then you do not think.

* Listen to yourself and ask others for honest comments.

* Stick to style.  In the template, everything is verified to the smallest detail.  If you want to drastically change something, you can disrupt the visual system.  Make your changes carefully.

* Rely on trends.  Pay attention to what’s popular now and repeat it one-on-one.  You won’t get an exact copy, but this way you can take over the anchor points – and it will help.

Animation Trends 2021

To make animated content that will grab attention in 2021, follow five major trends.

Minimalism.  Minimalism can be expressed not only in a restrained range.  This also applies to the dosage of effects – sometimes just one accent is enough to make the design immediately more interesting.

There is no need to turn the entire design into a “cartoon” – just animate the inscription, add a “video window” or movements in the background.  Even a slight overflow or shimmer will suffice if the style allows it.

Brutalism.  Deliberately “rough”, seemingly hastily made designs attract attention with their simplicity and “authenticity”.  It seems that “brutal” videos are collected on the knee – a little clumsily and without any visual harmony.  Although, of course, there is.

Brutalism is a tribute to the style of the 90s, when anyone with a computer and minimal Powerpoint skills was already considered the god of animation.  It’s been a long time since big brands like adidas and Mailchimp are using this approach with might and main.

Neon.  Another nostalgic trend – but rather from the 80s.  Bright, almost poisonous colors attract attention even in statics, and in animated format they do wonders.

If you are afraid to overdo it, you can make the background neon and shimmery, and leave the main design elements static.  But if you have already chosen this direction, there should not be half-hearted solutions – in order for the statistics to look organic, it is better to make it “loud” too.  For example, type the lettering in bold black or bold white.

3D graphics.  Volumetric graphics always attract attention – there is something magical in the fact that three-dimensional objects suddenly appear on the plane.  3D graphics are just the right tool to add such magic to your design.

But if the first three trends are easy to follow on your own, but to use 3D graphics in your animations, you need help.  The easiest option is to find templates where it is already in use.  The more difficult option is to find the necessary 3D images and fragments with animation on the Internet and load them into the design.

Storytelling.  Everyone needs to be able to tell stories – not only journalists, but also designers.  The story in the video doesn’t have to be Hollywood, but the basic drama doesn’t really hurt.

If you don’t have the skills of an animation designer, choose a template with your story, or let the designs simply add energy to certain fragments of the text – and so will affect the perception of the plot.

Video content affects engagement, is better remembered and is always preferred over static content.

It’s best to create an explainer video with Explain Ninja if you want something really unique and cool.  However, you can try it yourself, but it’s not as easy as it seems.

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