Top Tips For Getting Your SUV Ready For Winter Driving

It goes without saying that all cars need ongoing care, maintenance, and routine servicing to keep them running optimally. Like any machine with moving parts, automobiles can break down or malfunction without responsible ownership. Learn more about the auto vehicles that are compatible with extreme weather conditions, on this website:

One thing that can impact how your SUV functions are the weather, which is why it pays to get your vehicle ready for each season. We’ll share our top tips for getting your SUV ready for the cold, winter months in this helpful blog.

Check your tyre pressure and increase it if necessary

The onset of winter is a great time to check your SUV’s tyre pressure and ensure they are inflated to the recommended PSI as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You can check this on the inside of the driver’s door; a small panel usually includes this information. If your model doesn’t come equipped with this panel, then have no fear, and consult your owner’s manual.

Some manufacturers will recommend increasing or decreasing your tire pressure depending on the season or other environmental factors. This is because the road’s surface can vary depending on the weather, which can then affect the grip of your vehicle’s tires. For instance, a wet road is more difficult to gain friction on.

As a result, most mechanics will recommend that you increase your tire pressure over the cooler months. Be sure to check your tire pressure well before setting out on the open road this winter season. Learn more about Tips For Getting Your SUV Ready For Winter Driving at

Check for tyre wear

While you’re checking your tyre pressure, it’s well worth taking some extra time to check for tyre wear as well. As we mentioned above, your tyres need to maintain a good grip on the road to keep you safe in wet, cold weather. Tyres that are too worn down are naturally sorely lacking in grip due to their limited surface area. For this reason, worn tyres are significantly more prone to hydroplaning in wetter weather than tyres with a well-defined tread.

If you notice your tyres are worn, it’s always best to make plans to replace them as promptly as possible. Addressing your worn tyres is definitely not something you should be putting off, especially when preparing for winter travel.

Clean your windscreen thoroughly

Driving during winter can be challenging to say the least, as you’ll need to navigate through wild weather, including rain, sleet, snow and hail. Such conditions are difficult to navigate through for drivers of all abilities, not to mention that the added attention and concentration required in these bad weather drives can quicken the onset of eye strain or driver fatigue.

Keeping your windscreen as clear as possible can actually play a vital role in keeping these concerns at bay. You want optimum visibility, and a dirty, greasy, or otherwise obscured windscreen can actually be quite dangerous in other regards too. You can use some good quality glass cleaner to give your windscreen a decent wipe down.

Make sure to keep your windscreen clean through winter too – the rain, snow and wind can mean that it will become dirty quickly. It’s wise to incorporate this task into your weekly chore routine so you’re less likely to forget about it in the lead-up to a big road trip.

Check Your Lights

The onset of winter is a great time to inspect your SUV’s lights and ensure they are all in good working condition. The winter months mean darker days, so you may want to drive with your lights on all the time to ensure that you can see and (maybe more importantly) that other drivers can see you.

Check your headlights, taillights, indicators, and reversing lights. Make sure to put your high beams on and ensure they are working too. If you find that you have a blown light, be sure to replace it immediately. A busted light means your vehicle is not actually suitable for driving until it’s repaired in most places.

A Prepared Car Conclusion

If you’re able to follow all the top tips we’ve outlined above, chances are that your winter driving experiences will likely be smooth as silk. Safe travels to you and your fellow travellers this holiday season!

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