Top Social Media Tools To Monitor Your Social Media Accounts

Monitoring and optimizing our Social Media marketing strategies, channels and profiles has become a fundamental strategy to obtain positive results in our social media marketing campaigns and redirect the positive results if it were the case, toward the success.

In addition to the SEO (search engine optimization), and SMO (social media optimization) tools we should also learn to interpret, understand and analyze the results obtained through the tools that we find ourselves to follow-up to our ecosystem in the Social Media field, not everything is traffic you know, use these tools to take care of your loyal fans and followers as it seems increasingly interesting to our customers when you listen to them and take care of them. Talk to your fans and followers and involve them in your product and brand. Use feedback. The feedback is a great weapon that we cannot leave behind, and measuring the feelings of your fans is a need today for any strategy of Social Media and Social Networks.

As I always say, Facebook it is loyalty and Instagram is viral, but they are both absolute needed and their premises must be understood with a fair measure. Here’s a list of the most important and required tools to monitor, optimize and analyze our social media marketing strategies. Let’s delve into it!

Facebook Social Media Optimizing & Monitoring Tools

Facebook Insights:

is a tool that can greatly help in measuring the performance of Facebook pages.  The tool helps in defining a strategy for relevant and targeted content.


a simple way to create your Facebook page to promote products and services.


a very interesting utility to add a tab to your web site on your Facebook page. A great solution for adding your promotion in your Facebook account page.

Social Media Tools For Twitter

Twitter Search:

a Real-time search engine that helps you search for social conservations.


Provides top 10 lists of various types of user activity on Twitter.


search for keywords, companies or services on Twitter.


gossips that people talk about in the Twitter network.


System to track hashtags on Twitter.


Stay updated in real-time on Twitter about your retweets, with the option of notices by email.

Social Media Tools For Instagram


One of the best tools to manage your Instagram account, you can also schedule your posts using this tool.


It allows you to find accounts and posts from your targeted audience by hashtag, location and among the followers. It’s also one of the best hootsuite alternatives


It is a free tool that helps the user to optimize the traffic on Instagram.


Later is the best tool when it comes to schedule your posts, manage your account and even manage multiple accounts using these tools. It is a great tool that helps you to give more views with buying Instagram followers with views.

Instagram Insights:

You can monitor your account using this tool. It is a native analytics tool that helps to boost your overall performance.

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