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Don’t have a default picture viewer application on your computer? Or do you have one, but it can’t open some of the files? In this material, we have collected the top photo viewer programs that are worthy of attention. They will help to structure all the images, view them and even edit them.


A very clear application for computers. One of the best free photo viewers.

It weighs very little – only 5 MB (takes almost no disk space). It is the best program for old PCs. For example, on which modern and heavy editors do not run, or the memory is almost completely full.

IrfanView can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and 11. The program is free. It can open photos in almost any format (those that are exactly supported by the utility, noted in the table at the end of the article).

You can edit files in the program. But it does not have very many tools. You can do basic things: crop the frame, rotate it, and increase the brightness.


It is a very useful program for viewing and editing photos. There is a version for PC (Windows/MacOS/Linux) and smartphones (Android/IOS). This is the only application from our top which is optimized for so many platforms.

There is a built-in editor. You can: crop the picture, add text, resize, add special effects. Filters are limited, you can not create your own or add new ones.

Drag and Drop is a built-in feature that allows you to quickly sort all files by name, weight, creation date, etc. Convenient feature – the program can convert photos from one format to another (from available).

The only significant disadvantage of the platform is that you can not view PDF files.


Another program for viewing photos and images, which you can install for free at pirate bay proxy list. It can not only open the pictures but also change their format.

The user can view pictures in almost all existing formats.

The editor has many useful functions: cropping, red-eye removal, retouching (basic), resizing, color correction, adding a personal signature. You can make your own business cards in the utility.

You can use FastStone to manage your files. The program is a bit like the usual “Explorer”. You can sort pictures and add them to folders.

FastStone knows how to interact with scanners and printers. For example, a scanned picture will immediately appear in this application. And from there, you can send the picture to the printer or even send it by email.

Zoner Photo Studio

You can download this program for viewing photos and pictures on your computer for free. The company developer is positioning this program as a full replacement for Photoshop and Lightroom. To work with the program, you need a good PC (4+ cores, at least 4 GB of RAM, a processor Intel i3 or higher).

In the program, you can not only look at pictures, zoom in and out, crop, and rotate them. You can apply presets, make auto-corrections, and do detailed retouching.

In Zoner Photo Studio, you can create photo books, calendars, send photos to the cloud and to social networks.

Overall, photo viewers have become a valuable asset in managing digital image collections across any situation – whether it’s personal use or professional use; they provide users access to various tools that may not have been available before without purchasing specialized software packages. With their user-friendly interfaces and a broad range of features, these types of apps can help save both individuals and businesses plenty of time when it comes to organizing, editing, sharing, and presenting their photos – ultimately streamlining the entire process in ways never seen before!

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