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The development of electronic commerce is a latent and growing reality. This is demonstrated by data such as those of the National Commission of Markets and Competition where we can see that not only has the percentage of eCommerce created increased, but also the number of transactions and billing. In the second quarter of 2019, more than 192 million transactional transactions were recorded, 33.4% more than in the previous period, and year-on-year turnover was 20.30% higher.

Due to the rise of digital commerce, in the template monster, we meet daily with people who want to set up an online store, either developing an entrepreneurial idea from scratch or reinventing a local business that wants to sell their products or services for Internet. In either case, the development must be considered in a scalable manner and select a simple platform that is both safe and easy to use.

Platforms for your digital store

If you have an Ecommerce or you plan to mount one, we anticipate that there are many platforms that you can use. As we revealed in our latest report, the most used eCommerce platforms are template monster and best site templates are available. Although there are very specific projects that require custom developments, if your project is basic and you have no previous experience, we recommend you start with some open source eCommerce platform. They are cheaper and very complete.

Woocommerce works on WordPress and that gives you many additional possibilities.

  • Allows you to configure a very attractive image using predesigned themes
  • Integrate Blog functionalities to easily launch content marketing campaigns
  • It is easily expandable through plugins and compatible with external platforms

Woocommerce, WordPress and the importance of SEO positioning in an eCommerce

One of the main aspects to take into account in an online business is search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO, Search Engine Optimization or search engine optimization, is the set of techniques that contribute to improving the visibility of a website in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo …).

Applied to the case, when we talk about a Woocommerce theme working better for SEO than another, it means that it will be more or less optimized to appear among the first search results.

Importance of SEO for eCommerce

There are hundreds of factors that contribute to improving the SEO of a website, external factors (SEO Off-site) and internal factors (SEO On-site).

The latter is the one that interests us and the one that we are going to analyze in this case. On-site SEO, are the aspects that from the outset are in our hands to improve, such as including keywords, web load time, user experience , HTML code optimization, URL formatting, etc.

Perhaps, at this point and with so many technicalities, you are wondering: what does all this have to do with choosing a theme or another for Woocommerce? Well yes, everything influences. The design of the theme you choose for your WordPress, can be more or less optimized to achieve better positions in Google, what we usually call SEO onsite optimization .

When working with an ecommerce platform, we want to be sure that the selected e-commerce theme we like, it is easy to customize and manage and above all, it has to be optimized for search engines.

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