Top Data Science Companies to Work for in 2024

Data analyst is a specialist in collecting, processing and interpreting information. His work helps make decisions in management, business and science. Such specialists usually work in companies where a data-driven approach is practiced.

Data analyst – who is he and what he does

That is, the list of his tasks includes the collection of digital data, their analysis, visualization and interpretation. The main goal of an analyst is to benefit from the data obtained (structure, test hypotheses, find patterns and form a clear conclusion) thanks to Data-Science UA

All analysts are divided into system analysts and business analysts. The latter are narrowly focused specialists who monitor individual business processes. For example, an investment, financial analyst or risk specialist.

System analysts work in the IT field – these are digital analysts. Data Scientist is considered one of the popular directions. It includes the following professions: Big Data Analyst, Deep learning, Data Engineer, Machine learning. Data Scientist is an expert who uses technical skills and statistics to solve complex problems. This is partly a trend spotter, computer scientist and mathematician.

Here are the top data science companies to work for in 2021:

  • Oracle;
  • Amazon.


We took into account the patient’s age and gender, as well as previous diagnoses, prescribed procedures and history of visits. In addition to these statistics, we also needed a list of episodes that occur for each individual client, indicating the time, type of service, type of treatment, etc. That is, we approached the problem from two sides at once in order to get an accurate forecast. At the same time, it is important to understand that some episodes occurred before the patient became a client of the insurance, some of the information did not get into the database, since the person did not go to the doctor (he went privately or to the state polyclinic). This should be taken into account when censoring data.

Another trend that will take shape in the coming months is automated ML, which is helping transform data science with improved management. This will require aspiring scientists to take specialized courses to learn deep learning techniques.

Evolution of data science

Imagine that there is a machine that knows absolutely everything about you. She does shopping, knows what food you like, and even cooks for you. Knows your options and can make decisions for you. Knows what’s best for you and plans your life. This world awaits us in the distant future, and to achieve it requires the development of artificial intelligence.

In an ideal world with perfect information and a complete understanding of all the system drivers and how they interact, the two approaches could merge. To build an ideal model, you need to fully understand the phenomenon under study, since only the ideal model (and the rich set of functions associated with it) can describe the relationship between the data analytics consulting company and the phenomenon. To achieve this level of excellence, as well as progress in the interim, data-informed decision making needs to be developed.

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