Top Cloud Computing Skills to Develop in 2024

While cloud computing may be a relatively recent development, it is certainly one that has taken off in a big way. So, if you are looking to advance your own career in this area or you would like to progress your business to the next level using cloud computing, there are a few different areas that you can focus on. Here, we will be looking in a higher level of detail at exactly what these are to give you a better idea of what you need to work on.

Better Knowledge of Cloud Platforms and Technologies

First of all, you certainly need to advance your knowledge of different cloud platforms and technologies. People are looking to hire those who are able to work across all the main systems that are currently available, including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. In some situations, specialist knowledge may be desirable, but you still need to have a good working knowledge of all the rest of them. A cloud sandbox service is a useful way of being able to advance your skills.

Industry and Cloud Certification

Rather than learning everything by yourself, you can develop a much better in-depth knowledge if you are able to develop your industry and cloud certification. This gives you a much better sense of the entirety of the different platforms. Also, you will have something that you can showcase to potential and future employers. If you want to set up your own business or if you are already doing so, you can gain the type of knowledge that helps you take it up to the next level.

Good Management and Communication Skills

Next up, we have some of the skills that may be considered to be ‘soft skills’, but they are highly important as part of an overall cloud computing career. This is down to the fact that there will be plenty of projects that need to be worked on by different people – some of whom will not be all that experiencedin cloud computing and its individual nuances. As well as being able to manage all of these people successfully, you are also going to need to communicate with them well at the same time. Many technically minded people traditionally do not have great soft skills, so being able to stand out from the crowd can take you a long way.

Measurement and Analysis

Candidates looking for cloud computing jobs are more likely to be valued if they have measurement and analytical skills in a number of different areas, including performance-related goals and those that are directly business-related. Again, these abilities can prove to be quite distinct from general cloud computing skills, but they can prove to be enormously useful, nevertheless.

Developing these four skills related to cloud computing can really help boost your career or take your business up to the next level. So, it is certainly worth giving them the due care and attention that they deserve.

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