One of the best degrees, which you can also consider an all-rounder, has to be a master of business administration (MBA). For people who aspire to explore their capabilities in the field of business and management, an MBA can actually be quite useful. It can help you in developing qualities that are crucial to surviving in the cutthroat world of business. From leadership skills to planning and creating different strategies it gives full exposure to what you might face in the real world. It is the perfect way to move forward in your career and with an MBA you have the chance to grow in any part of the world you want to work in. These are the twenty accredited online MBA programs of 2020 that you can take offered by the best.

Ohio University

The accredited online MBA from Ohio University is simply one of the best programs we have come across. A program like this can help in improving professional value. This master of business administration online degree is not only certified but also well recognized all over the globe that subsequently can open new prospects for you.

The University Of Florida

The online MBA program by this institute is really worth it. Apart from great knowledge with this program, you can get access to great research centers that can help you more with your MBA. Through this course, you get to practice blended profound coursework along with proactive experience.

Stevens Institute Of Technology

Through this online MBA, you can actually learn so much more as it focuses on encompassing tech and analytics into the training of business cases and principles. It has a low student to faculty ratio, thus making it the perfect way to gain one-on-one guidance for MBA. This program fully gives attention to making sure that the students are actually benefiting.

Carnegie Mellon University

This is one of the top universities in the region and their online master’s of business administration is truly one of the best. With a great focus on the curriculum, this program centers on making sure that the students are ready for practical applications.

University Of Mississippi

The MBA program for this college is actually pretty informative. Many students who join this program are already employed before. This course gives them a push to make their professional significance much higher.

University Of Minnesota

They offer a wide variety of traditional and nontraditional programs for business students. Their business school offers an excellent online MBA program for those individuals who actually aim to progress in their professions through graduate-level education. This course also focuses on ethical decision-making.

Ball State University

Ball State University offers a good quality online MBA that too at very competitive costs. Students can earn their online MBA without any hassle and residency requirements. The virtual classroom for this program is one that concentrates on the growth of the students.

University Of Illinois

Out of one of the nine colleges in this institute, the Gies College of Business offers an excellent online MBA program. The good thing about this program is that it focuses on equipping individuals with adequate skills in both strategic management and leadership in general.

Arizona State University

The Carey School of Business at Arizona State University offers an accredited online MBA program for those professionals who want to advance to new heights in their course. Even though the applicants are required to take the GMAT or the GRE for entrance, the acceptance rate is not bad for this program.

University Of Utah

A high caliber program that comes along with world-class faculty, their online MBA is truly exceptional. They have really high-quality videos that add to the learning experience of professionals who enroll in this accredited program.

University Of Massachusetts

The unique thing about this program is that it actually offers individuals the chance to try out the program before they completely register in it. This makes it one of the most sought after online MBA programs that are offered this year.

University Of Nebraska-Lincoln

This is one of the most classic sorts of online MBA programs that you can go for this year. Apart from being fully accredited, this program offers a variety of skill development opportunities that are needed for the business world. You can choose a specialization track from finance to marketing depending on your choice.

The Clarkson University

The Clarkson University actually has an AACSB-accredited online MBA degree that it offers. The unique thing about this program is that it offers students an occasion to get an M.S in Data Analytics at the same time. While they are pursuing their MBA degree they can get the other one simultaneously. Isn’t that cool?

The Rowan University 

The online program offered by this institute comes in collaboration with the Global Learning and Partnerships division to offer individuals the proper leadership experience. It provides the students with strong foundations of business administration that is very helpful.

The Boise State University

This is one of the more reasonable options for an online MBA program that goes easy on your pocket as well. The MBA that they offer is general and does not focus on a specialized stream. This makes you get the full exposure of this degree on a full level.

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma University is quite famous for the top quality online educational programs that it has. Their online MBA program emphasizes both teamwork and administrative synergy, which is seldom established in any online program that is being taught today.

Lehigh University College Of Business

An online MBA program for this particular institution can actually be completed on the preference of the student. You can go for a part-time program or even an accelerated one if you want to finish it off earlier. The program focuses on Corporate Entrepreneurship which is needed.

Marist College

The Online MBA program from this institute is quite relaxed and flexible. It offers an exceptional experience and makes the students learn about the world of business in a much more reactive approach.


An online MBA has to be one of the most beneficial and productive sorts of programs in the year 2020. The scope of an online MBA has increased majorly and you can take advantage of the best courses from all around the globe with just a click of your finger.

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