Top 7 Tips When Running Under the Rain

Running in the rain can be a nightmare and at some pointing time, it can obstruct your fitness plan. However, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you should cancel your road running. What you need is to prepare appropriately. Rainy weather requires different preparation and more precaution than a typical sunny day. Here are some top tips that will make your running in the rain comfortable, more tolerable, and somewhat enjoyable.

  1. Wear a brimmed running hat

A hat with a brim keeps the rain off your face, which helps you see even in a downpour. When choosing your brimmed hat, you must consider the temperature as well as other conditions. For instance, in rainy, warm weather, wear a hat with plenty of breathable vents, so you don’t overheat. On the other hand, when it is cold, windy, and raining, wear a thicker brimmed hat. You can wear a fleece headband over the cap to keep it from blowing off and also protect your ears in case of a sudden wind gust.

  1. Don’t overdress

Always dress to match the temperature, not the weather conditions. Many runners make the mistake of dressing in multiple layers when heading out for a rainy run. Putting more layers to ‘keep warm’ will soon cause you to overheat, eventually experiencing a terrible time. When you have tons of layers, you will ultimately get wetter and have burdensome clothing. As a rule of thumb, wear two layers when it’s rainy and cold and one layer when it’s rainy and hot. So, if you’re not sure about what’s next or where to find what you’re looking for, you can consult sources such as Website built to enter the game and give us a hand to pick wisely.

  1. Make yourself visible

Wear luminous, light-colored, or very bright outer layers as well as reflective strips. Colors such as navy blue, black, or other dark colors are not the best in the rain. More often, drivers have low visibility, and also, they may less likely be expecting runners on the road. Luminous and neon colors such as bright pink, orange, yellow, or green are appropriate to be worn in the rain because they are easy to spot from a distance. There are a variety of different accessories that can make you more visible while running on the road. They include LED lights clipped to your top, shoes, or waist. These items increase the chances of being seen while reducing the possibility of being hit by a car, etc.

  1. Wear old running shoes

Understandably, running in the rain might mean getting your running shoes soaked, which possibly means damaging them. The chances of seeing your brand new runner shoes and socks out on a rainy day are slim to none. If it rains before the start of a race, the solution is to wear older shoes, so you don’t mind if they are wet. Another good thing is that older running shoes are likely to be more worn out, and considering that once the water is in, it needs a route out, then these shoes come in handy. Hopefully, your old shoes don’t look extremely bad.

  1. Prevent chafing

Chafing can happen during any run, but the effects can intensify during a rainy day. Excessive moisture on the skin brought by a combination of rain and sweat can irritate your skin. When you don’t prepare well, the chances are that your body parts will get blisters or chafe, and this painful experience can put you off when running in the wet. If you are running for a long distance, use anti-chafing prevention products on body parts where you would usually get blisters, especially your underarms, inner thighs, and feet.

  1. Protect your electronics

Every runner wouldn’t want to discover that their electronics are damaged by water after running in the rain. Therefore, a waterproof case is a must-have for your electronics, including the mobile phone and headphones. It is important to store your electronics in a waterproof container or a ziplock bag if you can’t leave them at home. In fact, waterproof cases are cheap to purchase, easy to use, and can save your gadgets from water damage. Besides, they can be used repeatedly, allowing you to get the value for your money.

  1. Don’t run during thunderstorms

There are times when you shouldn’t run in the rain, and probably a thunderstorm is one of those times. A thunderstorm is violent and contains elements like thunder, lightning, and rain. Getting your workout done is not worth a lightning strike or being hit by a falling tree branch. The combination of natural fury created by thunderstorms is something you don’t want to get stuck in. Instead, you could run on a treadmill or an indoor athletics track.

To summarize

Running under the rain is not pleasant, but you can take action to make your fitness training more tolerable. Investing in proper running gear, dressing for the weather, and taking precautions is possibly the most important takeaway that runners need.

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