Top 7 Mistakes of Beginner Landscapers

The best job is one which is connected with your hobby. A great example is the art of landscape. If you like to plant flowers, know how to combine different types of shrubs and trees, and electric garden cart such words as “arbor”, “pergola”, and “gazebo” are familiar to you, it may be a good idea to connect your life with landscape design.

Nevertheless, as with any other profession, you can’t but make mistakes. If you want to master your skills, it’s a good idea to learn information about the most common mistakes of beginner landscapers and try to avoid them. The list includes the top 7 missteps you should not take.

1. Starting with the complicated design ideas

The landscape design market is very competitive nowadays. There are plenty of specialists who are ready to live out your wildest dreams. No wonder, you want to surprise your clients with unexpected solutions. Yet, you can do it only if you are absolutely sure about the final results. To be a good specialist, it’s better to start from the ground up. Then you can improve your skills step by step. For instance, before working with texture, you should learn information about various materials and their characteristics.

2. Paying attention only to the outlook of the design

Homeowners want to get stunning views. They do not care how the landscapers do it. Unfortunately, many young specialists make the same mistake. They think the main aim is to get a good picture. Yet, if you neglect the soil peculiarities, do not care about plant conditions and do not take into account environmental protection issues, the results won’t please you.

For instance, if the designer doesn’t consider the erosion-prone areas, sooner or later you lose topsoil. The problem can be easily solved by building a retaining wall.

3. Coping with weeds with the help of chemicals

You can’t create awesome landscape design until your lawn or backyard is covered with copious weeds. The pesky plants spoil not only the outlook but are also harmful to other vines. Beginner specialists risk using various chemicals. The like the fast and obvious effect. Yet, they do not take into account that chemicals kill not only weeds but useful nutrients, too. It’s better to apply landscape cloth. You can find it in the nearest farmer shop or on the Net. Landscape cloth is made of light material that stops weeding but let air and nutrients go through. With the help of such a fabric, your lawn looks neat and tidy. The main advantage of the material is its durability. It serves for several years.

4. Too low grass

When it comes to cutting the lawn, experienced landscapers prefer to have it be 2.5 inches high while beginners tend to cut it as low as possible. However, while using a mower and Fiskars grass shears to cut your grass very short may be better looking, it is better to keep your lawn slightly longer. If your grass is too low, it is not able to absorb the needed amount of nutrients and it becomes weak and faded.

5. Heavy-handed pruning

When an expert starts working, he or she needs to take care of your trees, too. It’s necessary to remove ill or broken branches, take the form, and refresh the greenery. Yet, the pruning should be careful. It’s very easy to take off too much. It may affect further growth.

6. Too many colors

An attractive design is not the same as the colorful one. Of course, you don’t need to use too gloomy shades. The ideal variant is to add only a couple of vivid details. The greater part of the design should be done in neutral and eye-pleasing colors.

7. Too many decorative items

The main rule of successful landscape design is to make it balanced. It’s a symbol of harmony. Many people prefer to put too many ceramic or stone decorative items around the yard. Such items distract from the beauty of nature.

By avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes, you can start a successful carrier in landscaping.

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