Top 7 Best Instagram Marketing Tips in 2021

Instagram is without a doubt one of the strongest social media platforms in 2021. This is a mobile-based social media platform where you cannot only upload photos and videos but also use the platform as a catalyst for your marketing plans. Since its introduction, the effectiveness and popularity of Instagram have grown a lot.

Over 1 billion users are active on the platform and 500 million users share stories and spend an average of 7 minutes on the application every day. Additionally, there are tons of influencers on this social media platform who have a massive follower base.

Becoming an Instagram influencer is easy. You just need to upload relevant content for your followers that will also attract the attention of new users. But, many people fail to determine the type of content to boost the audience base. This is why you should follow some marketing tips. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 best Instagram marketing tips in 2021.

Convert to Business Profile

Before you start developing your Instagram marketing plans, make sure your Instagram account is set as the business account. Switching your normal profile to a business account is easy and the process doesn’t require much time. Just visit the settings option of Instagram and click on the option “Switch to Business Profile”.

Switching in Instagram business profile has some eye-catching benefits. For instance, your followers can contact you by clicking on the contact button on your Instagram page. This is one of the best ways to boost visibility. A business account will also allow you to develop and upload Instagram ads without taking the help of Facebook ads. If you’re not receiving a boost in your profile even after converting into a business account, buy likes and comments to speed up the process.

Apart from that, you’ll; be able to use the analytics tools known as Insights. It will provide impressions and statistics regarding your content.

Use Free Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram business profiles are very similar to Facebook business profiles. With Insights, you can notice the statistics such as engagement data, impressions, reach, and more. You can even utilize the demographics of your followers including information regarding their gender, age, most active hours, and location. Apart from that, you can receive insights throughout a whole week on a specific post.

These tools are free and very effective as they will help you to understand the interaction of your content. The more you know about the user interactions of your posts, the better content you can upload to boost engagement.

Create Sponsored Ads

Over the past few years, Instagram ads have evolved a lot. The best part is that you can control your spending on the ads by setting up a clear ad budget. By using the carousel feature, you can showcase multiple or one sponsored ad at a time. This will allow your brand to target audiences more efficiently.

Before the introduction of sponsored content, users could see only the photos and videos of the accounts they are following. But, now brands can promote their content to every relevant target audience to expand their reach.

For sponsored ads, make sure you use engaging content while also targeting the demographics. This way you can push your high-performance posts to specific demographical audiences.

Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the most effective ways to generate leads. They are slightly different from other regular posts because they appear in slideshow format. They have a lifespan of 24 hours, but you save them by highlighting them to any of your devices.

Instagram stories are very similar to Snapchat stories. Instead of appearing in the newsfeed, Instagram stories appear above the newsfeed with a colorful ring. Once a user clicks on the ring with your photo on top, they will be able to see your stories.

The benefits of Instagram stories for marketers are enormous. Many brands utilize the stories to share behind-the-scenes of their footage. Apart from that, you can also experiment with other types of content in the stories such as short videos, boomerang, live videos, and rewind videos.

Collaborate with Influencers

If you want to approach potential customers and audiences on Instagram, the best way to achieve that is by collaborating with an Instagram influencer who has a massive follower base.

As per Mageplaza, users on Instagram trust their favorite influencers. So, when they notice that their influencers are purchasing something and giving positive feedback, the users also purchase it. If you collaborate with the relevant influencers, you could promote your brand in front of the right audiences. So, the first thing you need to do is to find the perfect Instagram influencer for your brand.

When collaborating with influences, make sure you build a strong relationship with them. This way you can leverage the long-term benefits.

Collect User-Submitted Photos

There is a way of creating great content for your Instagram profile without doing extremely hard work. You just need to take the help of the user-submitted photos. Your Instagram account already has an engaged audience. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of followers, you can use your audiences to generate meaningful content.

As user-generated contents are unpredictable and authentic, your followers will enjoy them more than ordinary posts. However, make sure your approach isn’t pushy.

When you’re running a business on Instagram, you have to make sure that everything you upload can complement the brand’s voice as well as message.

Create Interactive Branded Hashtags

If you’re focusing to develop instant engagement, interactive hashtags are one of the best ways to achieve that. Customers will be able to use your branded hashtag to upload user-generated content. If you don’t know how to build interactive branded hashtags to enhance the performance of your posts, consider contacting IIgers.

Additionally, you can also easily search through various images. Creating a branded hashtag specifically for your company is very important for free advertising. Every time someone uploads content with your branded hashtag, they will expose your business to their followers. If you happen to have a slogan or catchy phrase, you can also make them your branded hashtag.


These are the top 7 best Instagram marketing tips. When uploading content, make sure you upload them at the right times. This is another great way to obtain followers. If you upload consistently at specific times, your followers will be happy. As Instagram is dominating the social media world, you should leverage these marketing tips to boost your business.

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