Top 7 Bedroom Upgrades for the Sleep of Your Dreams

You’ve tried almost everything to get the best quality of sleep: from lowering your caffeine intake to meditating after a pre-bed phone scroll. And still, nothing has happened! Your lack of sleep has affected your work performance and your relationship with colleagues. What has been the problem all along? It must be the environment in your bedroom.

Focusing your attention on making some significant adjustments to your bedroom might be the solution you’ve been looking for. The perfect furnishing and decor can quickly turn your sleeping environment into a profoundly relaxing one, achieving the excellent night’s rest you’ve been dreaming of. The following upgrades can help you with your bedroom goals:

Change of Bedding

Your choice of mattress has a significant role in ensuring whether you’ll get the best quality of sleep or not. Most high-end mattresses can last for as long as 8-10 years, but some can last beyond this time frame. If you’ve been using the mattress you have now for quite some time already, an upgrade might be ideal for you.

Considering your body type and preferred sleeping style, deciding on a mattress should prioritize getting the comfort you desire. If you like sleeping on your side, browsing for the best mattress for side sleepers has never been easier. Click to know more.

Look for Fluffy Pillows

To avoid nightmares while sleeping, better discard your worn-out pillows already. Here’s a trick to determine whether it’s time for you to look for new cushions or not: fold the pillows in half. If it doesn’t spring back, it’s high time for you to change to fluffier ones.

When shopping for pillows, it is best to consider your usual sleeping position. If you prefer lying on your back, you may opt for thinner pillows as these can cradle the neck. If lying on your stomach makes you sleep better, getting the lightest pillows possible is advisable. And if you are a side-sleeper, pick softer pillows with a gusset on their design.

Organized in Fashion with a Basket

Add aesthetic by putting a large basket in an empty corner or even at the end of your bed. This design is one of the most accessible bedroom design ideas, giving you the best spot to throw your pillows when you are in a hurry early in the morning. Baskets are also ideal for keeping linens and quilts.

Bring in the Nightstand

Nightstands are one of the great pieces of furniture to splurge on. The finish of a nightstand can either make your bedroom look cheap or high-end. That is why it is crucial to plan and invest in high-quality materials to have a chic environment.

You will want your nightstand to be a piece of functional furniture worth cherishing. If your present nightstand doesn’t work for your preference, considering an upgrade is the best way to go. Look for a nightstand that gives your bedside needs enough storage.

Try to imagine: A bedside lamp sitting on a nearby nightstand is easier to reach when you are already lying down. Take this into careful consideration when measuring the perfect height of your bedroom nightstand.

Reading Nook Is Fundamental

Your bedroom doesn’t only offer you a place to rest at night. It is also ideal to build a space dedicated solely for unwinding, a spot separated from your bed. Adding a reading nook, with a chair and small desk to put your books into order. You may also create a corner for meditation to help you relax after a stressful day at work. A mat will work just fine.

Incorporate a Color Scheme

The color incorporated in your bedroom can ultimately change the room’s environment. One of the most straightforward decorating ideas you can apply when upgrading your bedroom is painting your walls. Going monochrome is always the best way to go. This color scheme brings a calming and soothing effect for everyone who walks into the room.

You may choose greens or greys to have the relaxing feel you always think about. Include different shades that pair perfectly well together. A shagreen nightstand may look grey on its own, but it can highlight the hues better when combined with a green wall. Make sure to bring balance to your space by carefully planning your bedroom’s color scheme.

Introduce Indoor Plants

When decorating your bedroom, never miss out on bringing in plants. It adds a natural effect to your space, keeping your bedroom from feeling too sterile. Indoor plants also have several benefits, such as brightening the room and purifying the air. But if you don’t have much natural light coming in, faux plants will do.


You don’t have to spend much money and effort when turning your bedroom into a restful oasis. Unleashing your creativity will always be the answer to your designing problems. With the bedroom upgrade ideas provided above, there will be no stopping you from achieving the sleep of your dreams.

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