Top 7 Animated Movies Streaming on Netflix Now

Animated Movies

The definition of the “best-animated movie” varies from person to person. While some may reminisce about classic Disney films or family-friendly full-length cartoons, others may lean towards remaking their favorite comic book stories. Some might consider the extravagant appeal of animation movies or unique style of artists outside the main movies as the “best” animation has to offer. However, one common denominator is that animated movies do not feature live-action components, leaving plenty of room for creative exploration.

To cater to this vast spectrum of preferences, we have searched through the extensive selection of animated movies available on Netflix to compile the finest list. All movies list features from classic to contemporary, presenting a stunning collection of animation styles. So, if you’re a casual fan or a hardcore animation enthusiast, you’ll find something worth watching. So, if you’re looking to explore the realm of animated movies, this list is an excellent starting point, providing a wide selection of quality content for everyone.

I lost my body

This story is one of the most enchantic and innovative pieces of animation in recent memory from any movies list, depicting the bizarre but very emotional tale of a severed hand that has escaped from being kept in a lab. This is just the start of the hand’s journey to locate its body again. By jumping back and forth in time, we can both follow the hand’s precarious trip and learn how this terrible damage came about. It is a movie that defies simple classification and is better for it; it pushes the limits of what is possible in storytelling to astounding effect.

The Magician’s Elephant

Wendy Rogers’ stunning animated animation The Magician’s Elephant, which is based on Kate DiCamillo’s book, is a visual treat. The Magician’s Elephant tackles concepts like bravery, teamwork, and being yourself, coupled with a charmingly underappreciated problem-solving exploration, in an engaging story of magic and whimsy. Noah Jupe voices a young boy in The Magician’s Elephant who accepts three unattainable tasks from the king. The voice cast includes Mandy Patinkin from The Princess Bride, Brian Tyree Henry from Eternals, and Benedict Wong from Doctor Strange.

The Bad Guys

A trio of thieves led by a safe-cracking snake (Marc Maron), a burglary wolf (Sam Rockwell), a hacker tarantula, a master of disguise shark played by Craig Robinson, and a mighty piranha enacted by Anthony Ramos are finally apprehended after a career of crime. The five of them must consent to play nice in order to avoid going to jail. They will attempt to become reformed citizens with the help of a guinea pig philanthropist, which will be a difficult challenge given that not everything is as it seems. The Bad Guys is a family-friendly comedy that is visually appealing and full of hearty laughter.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

Pinocchio by Guillermo del Toro is a stunning examination of the traditional fable that incorporates themes of loss, motherhood, and conflict. Guillermo del Toro, a visionary filmmaker, brings to life a poignant one-of-a-kind experience thanks to his passion for the animation medium, evident in every frame. Considering how often the narrative has been adapted, you can be familiar with it, but we bet you’ve never seen a movie like this one from all movies list.


The main character of Vivo is a kinkajou (Lin-Manuel Miranda), a honey bear from the rainforest, who performs music in a bustling town plaza with his owner Andrés (Juan de Marcos González). Despite not speaking the same language, they make the ideal team because they like music. The entire family will enjoy watching Vivo because of its remarkable musical passages and gorgeous animation.

Wish Dragon

A college student named Din (Jimmy Wong) lives in Shanghai and has one goal: to reunite with Li Na played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo, his childhood best friend whom he hasn’t seen in ten years. Finally, din can accomplish just that when a mythical dragon gives him three wishes from a teapot and to dress up to please Li Na. A charming and uplifting tale of friendship, adventure, and remaining true to oneself, Wish Dragon.

Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers, which is reminiscent of other classics like We Bought a Zoo, centers on a family that must use a miraculous box of animal crackers to prevent the destruction of their circus. Animal Crackers is a funny, fast-paced voyage that is sure to entertain the whole family. It has an all-star ensemble with actors like Sir Ian McKellen, John Krasinski, and Emily Blunt.

Lastly, there are many more exciting names, such as Home, Invader Zim; The Mitchells v/s The Machines, and A Whisker, away from all animated movies list. The list can be endless with daily upgrades. However, with the above reviews, choosing your next Animation movie with a large popcorn tub has become easy.

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