Top 6 Tips For Pilates Beginners

Is your exercise routine feeling a bit stale? Are you not feeling excited about working out anymore? Well, changing your exercise routine and class can make a difference. All workouts are good if they make you feel good. When you don’t, changing the routine is an excellent idea. For instance, introducing Pilates to your workout regime can get you back in the game. It is versatile, as you can do it at home or in the gym. The results will be the same.

A stronger and healthier you.

  • It helps relieve pain in your back, legs, and shoulders
  • It is an incredible way to prevent injury through cross training
  • It promotes body awareness

If you are a beginner in Pilates, try these simple tips. It will help you efficiently practice this workout to enhance your life’s health.

Tip 1: Find a great Pilates teacher

The first tip is to find the best Pilates teacher. It should be the best whether it’s an online Pilates class or an offline class in your area. Work with a teacher who knows the ins and out of this workout. Someone who has the experience and can help introduce you to the minute details of Pilates. An experienced Pilates teacher will know what exercises you need to try. They help create a workout regime suited to your needs. So, working with an experienced professional is the first tip for a Pilates beginner.

Tip 2: Wear breathable and comfortable clothes

To work out better, you need specific clothes. You cannot work out in your regular clothes. Thus, invest in a pair or two of the best Pilates activewear. It will help you do Pilates better. With activewear, your body has a better range of motion. Your legs, arms, and trunk open up in a better way.

Tip 3: Do Pilates on an empty stomach

Just like yoga, doing Pilates on an empty stomach is better. When you do Pilates on a full stomach, bending and twisting become problematic. It limits your potential for doing exercises better. It is best to get in an hour of exercise on an empty stomach. However, if you feel nauseous or dizzy working out on an empty stomach, try eating healthy small snacks. For instance, you can eat a banana, a few nuts, black coffee, or green tea. Consume a protein shake after you complete the workout.

Tip 3: Be realistic with your goals and be positive

You will not achieve a fit and healthy body in a week. It is an unachievable and unrealistic goal. Having a realistic goal, like losing 4 pounds in a month, is better. Also, that will happen if you are consistent and don’t have any underlying health issues. It is unrealistic to want to achieve the body of your instructor as well. They have been doing this for years. You can read there, surely, but it will take time. The key here is to stay positive and encourage yourself. There will be days when you feel like you cannot work out anymore. Don’t let it stop you. Keep encouraging yourself to do better every day.

Tip 4: Have patience

Pilates takes time to show results. You will not lose weight in a week. But the key is consistency. There may also be a few exercises that seem difficult for you to undertake. However, they can be the best medicine for you. Just have patience, and you will start seeing results soon.

Tip 5: Stop an exercise if it hurts

The mantra ‘No Pain, No Gain’ is rubbish. If you are feeling extreme pain while doing a Pilates exercise, stop. Maybe you are doing it wrong or too much. That is why working with a professional is essential. Moreover, not every exercise is correct for every person. Some people should avoid a few exercises if they feel it hurts them or if they are injured.

Tip 6: Hydrate yourself

Drink lots of water after and before the class. It will help in muscle recovery. If you feel out of breath, take a sip of water in-between the class too.

Try these tips when starting a Pilates class. From finding the right coach to the right mat, everything matters. So, enjoy your Pilates class, and strengthen your back and shoulders to stay fit.

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