Top 6 Marketing Tools You Should Use In 2021

In this digital era, marketing has become the baseline for the success of your business. The jump from traditional to digital marketing has brought on a vast amount of change not only in the marketing tools and techniques but also, in the overall approach and implementation of marketing.

But, before we jump to further conclusions, let’s understand what marketing tools are all about. In the simplest of words, marketing tools are the aid that helps you to market your business well. These tools have certain features and specialize in aspects that allow you to get the result and achieve success in terms of conversions. However, one might wonder, why is it important to have marketing tools onboard?

Now, first things first, marketing is a costly affair. Having certain tools by your hand not only helps you save some money but also, helps you save ample of time. If you wish to grow your business and keep improvising on its overall performance and scalability, marketing tools are an important essential to have. Furthermore, it’s not just about the time and money, but, it also saves you energy as there are minimalistic efforts that you need to put in to achieve your desired results.

On that note, there are 6 marketing tools that you should use in 2021 without fail to achieve the desired results and growth in your business. Want to know which six of them have made the list today? Hop right in as we decode the top 6 marketing tools to use in 2021.

#1. Whatso

Whatso is a Bulk Whatsapp Sender and one of its kind which offers both CRM & Marketing tool platform bundled and packed in a single software. The user interface has been built in a manner that makes it easy to use and adapt to. If you are not very good with technology, Whatso’s user-friendly platform easily lets you hover around without any difficulty.

The platform also offers a chatbot service that helps you to get your queries solved in a one to one spectrum. With this platform, it is convenient to reach a large pool of customers and potential clients with your desired marketing message. Instead of tracking each person down individually and then sending them a message, Whatso allows you to send multiple messages in one single click. So, if you are looking to level up your marketing game, Whatso is a must-have tool in 2021.

#2. Canva

Planning to hit the market with eye-striking designs and appealing content but have no clue where to begin? If this is your situation, Canva is here to your rescue. Canva is made with an idea that allows non-designers to be able to use the platforms and design masterpieces like never before. Right from social media posts to flyers and posters, Canva is loaded with features and is your one-stop destination for anything and everything related to visual creativity.

Canva not only allows you to create stills but also allows you to modify and beautify video content as well. It’s fun and easy to use and is a perfect platform to get your branding right. Today marketing is all about great visuals and connecting stories. So, why miss out on the details that matter? Make 2021 your year and switch to Canva today!

#3. Mailchimp

With brands like Zomato and Myntra nailing their emailers, one might wonder if it is safe to enter this spectrum of marketing. Well, if this is one of those little questions doing rounds in your mind, the answer is a big YES! Email marketing has picked up big time and to have a good email marketing tool that backs your endeavors and ambitions is all the more important. Here’s where Mailchimp comes in.

Mailchimp is a marketing platform for small businesses that helps you to manage and connect with your clients, customers, and other vendors on a personalized level. Their marketing focuses on contact management practices and helps you to work on wonderfully designed campaigns backed by powerful data analysis. So what are you waiting for? Christmas? Well, Christmas comes every December but your competitors won’t wait until then. So, hurry up and get your hands on Mailchimp.

#4. Buffer

Handling social media is an absolute task and we agree upon it. In times where having an online presence has become essential, keeping a track of every platform’s algorithm and posting at a certain hour of the day to maximize reach can be a hectic, daunting, and time-consuming task. Keeping in mind that you have other work to do during the day, why don’t you consider scheduling all your posts up on one platform? Yes, that’s possible.

Quite literal in its meaning, Buffer gives you the “buffer” to spare some time out of all those social media hectic planning schedules. It is a software application that can be used both on the web and mobile version and has been designed to manage accounts in social networks. Furthermore, it provided users to schedule posts for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and even Pinterest. Isn’t that amazing? It also helps you to track your analytics and overall progress. Say bye to manual posting and let Buffer take over for you.

#5. Hubspot

Looking for a hub for all your inbound marketing needs? HubSpot is just what you need. This is a marketing and sales platform where you get help with generating inbound leads. Hubspot helps you attract visitors and do something that all businesses love to see “conversions”. They not only help you close the deal but also make sure that the progress keeps going and your graph line if not up, remains stable at the least.

It brings to the table a plethora of functionalities to explore from which allows the marketing and sales department of your business to manage all said activities right under one umbrella.

Hence, with flexible app integrations and an advanced contact tracking system with sales pipeline analysis, Hubspot needs to enter your list right away for a growth-oriented year for your business in 2021.

#6. OptionMonster

You have visitors but having a tough time converting them into leads? Try the powerful lead generator OptionMonster and convert your abandoning visitors into clients like never before. The software’s dynamic marketing tool helps in generating leads and is the best plugin for WordPress that allows you to create highly effective signups.

That’s a wrap for today. We hope 2021 will be a great year for your marketing endeavors and you will leverage the growth and performance of your business through these tools. We hope this article was helpful and now, you have a full-proof plan to ace and level your marketing game this year.

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