Top 6 Essential Products To Have In Your Garage

Whether installing a new 292 comp cam horsepower shaft into your Chevy small block engine or changing oil, you need an organized garage. Every home mechanic needs a clean, well-lit space to do their work, but what are the essentials of the home garage?

1. Jack and Stands

Any home mechanic will need a jack and jack stands if they plan on doing any undercarriage work. Ensure the weight capacity of each device can handle your vehicle. Also, avoid going under a vehicle supported only by a jack. If you need to crawl underneath a car to perform maintenance, purchase high-quality jack stands.

2. Compressor

Often overlooked, a quality air compressor is a must for any hobby mechanic. While some believe the tool is only suitable for inflating tires and blowing debris out of hard-to-reach spaces, it offers so much more. An air compressor is the primary component of several power tools, and it is a must for people planning on doing extensive automotive work in their home garages.

3. Lighting

When installing an LS intake manifold on your GM engine, you want the best lighting available. While you can work with electricians to install ceiling lights in your garage, you can also find many quality hood lamps that clip on. The lamps offer ample light in the specific areas you need; the best part is, when you’re done with them, they tuck away on a shelf or into a cupboard.

4. Hoist

Not everyone can afford a hoist or lift in their home garage, but it is the dream rig of any home mechanic. A hoist or lift provides you plenty of room to perform vehicle maintenance and installs. You will never have to crawl under your car again. With the push of a button, you can have all the clearance you need to work.

5. Workbench

Many home mechanics don’t mind spreading out on the garage floor or even the driveway on a sunny afternoon, but that is a surefire way to misplace parts. A large workbench, preferably with drawers and storage solutions, is a must-have item for any working garage. The surface gives you plenty of room to organize parts, disassemble parts, or make smaller repairs. A decent workbench will also include a quality vice. To learn about Garage Storage Shelves, click here

6. Storage

Mechanics have power tools, hand tools, chemicals, cleaning agents, and several other must-have items, big and small. To keep a garage organized with all that stuff, it is vital to have storage. A variety of cabinets, carts, and drawers will help you keep your space neat and tidy. Also, if possible, have several containers ready for disassemblies and installs. The containers can hold all the small parts, keeping everything safe and organized.

Before looking for a 700R4 transmission for sale for your ’85 Chevy V8, take a look at your garage. Is it ready for the install? If you want to ramp up your home mechanic operation, talk to a qualified automotive professional about all the must-haves for your garage.

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