Top 6 Best Action Camera Gimbal In 2023 (In Depth Guide)

Whether you are a professional action photographer/videographer or you want to shoot the memorable vacation trip, then the action camera gimbal is an essential piece of accessory that will make your shoot incredible. Actually, a gimbal is quite expensive that costs approximately around a mid range action camera, i.e. $100.

But, this gimbal can last long for an elongated time, regardless of an excess of moving methods within it due to many of them are made for rough and tiring use. Make sure you are using the 3 points slinger if you don’t use gimbal Buy your new points slinger at 11 Best 3 Point Slinger.

On the other hand, now there are so many models of gimbals available in the market to select from. So, you will always make sure to find the best one that suits your tastes and needs as well. If you are choosing an inappropriate one without doing fine research, your camera will not only be pointing in a completely wrong direction, but also there may be a chance to damage your action camera too. Thus, you always do fine research and take a glance at many of the best action camera gimbal available.

What kind of gimbal you must obtain?

Basically, there are two types of gimbals available such as:

Handheld gimbal:

Normally, the handheld gimbals have massive batteries that last for a long time and also there is enough storage to address them.

Wearable gimbal

The wearable gimbals have many escalating freedom and it is very tough to escalate handheld gimbals onto the helmets or bicycles, when you have a handle fixing out.

However, the major comparisons between these two gimbals are a physical body. Commonly, the wearable ones are more portable and lighter, whereas the handheld ones are bulkier and heavier as well. If you want to know more about modern technologies, then visit this website for useful information.

Top lists of best gimbals for your action camera

If you wish to obtain your video footage more stable, dynamic and smooth, a gimbal is the top solution. Whether you are using an action camera gimbal or an iPhone, you can simply begin producing video and make your shots more dynamic. Actually, gimbal is an automatic stabilizer that utilizes three axes of rotation in order to keep the camera fixed through three internal motors. These can balance for unintentional camera motion and also utilize some procedures to identify, when the camera is being moved intentionally and creating for smooth moving shots.

At present, there are numerous different forms of gimbals available on the market and each one of them is best for its features and benefits. Even the different cam users depend on what camera they are using and also what type of subjects that they are setting up to shoot. Below are the top lists of best action camera gimbal that includes:

1. DJI Osmo mobile 3

It is one of the excellent smart phone stabilizers and its gimbal can turn via 90 degrees for flawless exchanging between the portrait and landscape direction. It feels like a high quality product, built is plastic and properly molded ergonomic grip is very comfy for extended use. To alter the strength of stabilization, you can simply select between the modes such as sport and walk. However, most of its functionality is accessed through a free companion DJI Mimo app that attached to your phone to Osmo through Bluetooth.


  •         Excellent battery life
  •         Strong, but light weight foldable made


  •         No camera swapping while recording
  •         Initial app setup and connection takes more time

2. Feiyutech Vimble 2

This smart phone action camera gimbal has a Selfie stick in one and available for cheap prices. If you are vlogging and want to capture the big group in Selfie mode, it is very useful for you. When it comes to stabilization, this Vimble 2 is more efficient directly from powering up. It also enables a digital camera through a physical slider on Vimble 2 handle and object tracking.


  •         Decent stabilization
  •         Great Selfie stick extension feature


  •         Osmo mobile 3 is good value
  •         Make quality is not most solid

3. Wewow fancy smart phone stabilizer

It is very small, but handy and a direct solution. This smart phone stabilizer provides a minimal sophisticated stabilization than others available on the market. Of course, it is a very useful tool for easily obtaining footage, when you are on a budget in your shoot. It works in both landscape and portrait mode and its handgrip are 5 inches. Wewow Fancy can be eminently portable, so you can be packed anywhere more easily. Thus, it can be a good choice for enhancing your travel and holiday videos.


  •         Built in power bank
  •         Ultimately portable


  •         Lack of physical controls
  •         Limited stabilization

4. GoPro Karma Grip

It is ultimately packed with excellent features and also well-optimized for the new GoPro cameras. This Karma Grip is a fantastic handheld stabilizer in its individual right and its detachable grip can double up as a wearable stead cam tool. This well-designed stabilizer is very simple to introduce into your shoots and also enables you to delegate the footage without even disconnecting a camera. However, this action camera gimbal is one of the greatest GoPro options to shop.


  •         Removable grip
  •         Exclusive camera control


  •         Very costly
  •         GoPro alone

5. FeiyuTech G6

It is a splash proof, high-tech and ergonomically designed gimbal. It has a good battery life and its functionality control through its app. This action camera gimbal is a very powerful choice of stabilizer, whether you are using a GoPro or some other kind of action camera like Yi 4k. It is specially built to run at an angle, where the gimbal never ambiguous the camera’s screen. This means you can always obtain an accurate read of what you are capturing.


  •         Extensive camera control
  •         Very useful status screen


  •         Some noticeable motor noise
  •         Failure of app functionality with some cameras

6.Remove S1

It is an all-weather GoPro action camera gimbal ever. It has included features of rugged weather proofing, very strong and also builds a good pairing with the GoPro camera. It is also much well-matched with greater part of latest models. Its handle is removable, so you can make use of it easily.


  •         Complete rain proofing
  •         Detachable grip with remote controls


  •         Very costly
  •         Limited battery life

Furthermore, you can read our articles on this website to know more about the latest action cameras. Do not forget to check that out!

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