Top 5 Simulation Retro Games for Consoles

Simulation games are the best for most of us. They allow us to be someone else and to enjoy the full potential of the virtual world. These games have been with us since the beginning of gaming time and they definitely have a lot to offer and they deserve a place in your collection. Let’s see 5 simulation games for retro consoles that stand out from the crowd.

  1. Virtual Pool 64

Virtual Pool 64 is one of the most popular games at Gamulator and one of the best-selling in this genre. The game simulates pool playing and puts you in the shoes of a player with various skill levels. A gamer can choose amateur, professional or championship level and test his own skills to the max. The game was released in 1998 and soon became a huge hit. Other facts we can reveal about the game include the platform, it was developed for Nintendo 64 and it has different pool layouts for you to choose and play.

  1. A-Train

The game is developed for Sony PlayStation 1 and was released in 1996. It has a detailed and deep story. You all start with land and a small loan from the bank. Your next mission is to develop the transportation system, using trains of course and to develop your business more and more. Eventually, you will have an empire if you play correctly and you will be able to enjoy a 3D ride in one of your trains. The game puts you in the role of an ordinary man who wants to become a millionaire. Other features include the ability to buy more land, sell the one you have, purchase trains, upgrade them and also to promote business.

  1. Chopper Attack

This game was also launched in 1998 and was developed for Nintendo 64. It offers 8 powerful helicopters and your mission is to defeat the opposing forces using one of these aircraft. Probably the next best thing, besides the main mission is the versatility. Each aircraft is unique and comes with different strengths and also drawbacks. One thing we must add is the ability to do humanitarian missions and to avoid air combats if that is your thing.

  1. LMA Manager

LMA Manager is another game on our list that was developed for Sony PlayStation 1. It was released in 1999 and it features all the clubs and teams present back then. You will be the manager, obviously and you have to lead and control your team. You can create a new team as well and to have complete control over players, matches, and finances. The best part here is the length of the gaming you can get. There is no end so you can play as long as you like. When you are bored, simply start a new team and do it all over again. This is the best and the only full football simulation game developed for Sony PlayStation 1.

  1. Harvest Moon

In the game you will be a farmer and your mission is to have a rich and prosperous farm. On the farm, you will have animals and crops and all of them must be properly maintained. The next important thing to add is the fact you can go to the city and get supplies, take a beverage and so much more.


These were the best simulation games of all time for various consoles that were more than just common. Now when you know all about the games, you can simply pick all of these developments and start playing. Have fun.

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