Top 5 reasons your windows are dirtier than you think!

A dirty window not just disturbs a clear outside view, but it is also an eyesore threatening the perfect beauty of your home! No matter how much you try to clean it occasionally, it gets faded, spotted and dirty back again after some time. It’s natural to feel depressed getting to see it back in the unpleasant form within a few days after cleaning it. And that is when you become so curious to know the reasons behind it in order to prevent the same.

Ø  Common causes of constantly dirty looking windows!

A dirty window has more drawbacks than just throwing off the curb appeal of your home. It threatens the wellbeing and health of your family members too. That is why it is best recommended to get your windows cleaned deeply at least once in a month. And in Melbourne window cleaning by Acorn Window Cleaning is most famous as they carry out the task perfectly for you erasing all the ugliness and germs from it thoroughly. And if you want to know the main culprits dirtying your window, read on!

  1. Steam and grease — The smoke coming out of your kitchen and the grease is the biggest factor that makes your windows dirty. These do make the glasses and the corners of your windows sticky and even make them stink after some days. And it doesn’t matter if your cooktop is far away from your window; smoke and grease still get accumulated on them and form a thick layer of dirt eventually.
  2. Pet’s and kid’s mischiefs — We bet if you have kids and pets in your home, your windows never stay spotless. You’ll always find their handprints on them along with the remnants of clay doughs and glue that your kids stick on the window. You’ll also find the glass blurred because pets start licking the glass whenever they can! Well, if you have these tiny tots at home, you’ll have to ensure a very frequent window cleaning as they are the source of its constant staining and they’ll be most affected through the germ built-up on it.
  3. Airborne contaminating factors — You will find lots of dirt and dust settled on your windows dirtying them regularly. Especially if you live near a busy road. The passing wind is full of pollutants and these always find solace on your window glass and panes making them look dull and dirty.
  4. Waterborne minerals — You probably have this habit of cleaning your window by washing it in open tap water. And your tap water no doubt cleans it at that spot. But the minerals settled in this water are enough to leave some ugly spots on your window glass later. So, those mysterious spots and bubbles on your window are actually from the water coming from your washing!
  5. Improper use of cleaning solution — The cleaning solutions you use to tidy up your window is indeed a good one! But if you aren’t doing the task well and not wiping them thoroughly, then wait for the ugly patches on your window glass which would make them look messier and dirtier.

These are the hidden reasons behind your untidy looking windows! And if you want your windows to stay spic and span and always gleaming, ensure timely cleaning of them without fail!

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