Top 5 Most Popular Kinds of Math and Science Degrees

Are you looking to forge a career in STEM? The math and science fields are interesting as well as challenging. Ultimately, they open you up to thousands of high opportunities. But more importantly, a STEM career helps you change the world. That’s because science, technology, engineering, and mathematics offer solutions to humanity’s real-world problems.

These fields make a huge difference, from developing sustainable energy to finding cures for diseases. So, it is not just about money. A math or science degree gives you a career path with a purpose.

That said, these fields are quite diverse, and you may not know what to pick. So, here are the five most popular SUNY Math & Science Degrees you should consider:

Computer Science & Mathematics

A good mathematical base is crucial in understanding computer science. And a computer science with a mathematics degree is the perfect interdepartmental program you can take. It is best for someone interested in computational mathematics, that is, the application of computer technology in mathematics as well as the application of mathematics in computer algorithms.

With this degree, graduates can pursue opportunities in AI, machine learning, data science, robotics, and other in-demand areas.

Statistical Science

A degree in statistical science is another popular program with wide-scale applications. As a statistician, your job will be to find answers to critical questions by collecting and analyzing relevant data.

With data now a critical part of numerous business decisions, SUNY Math & Science degrees can equip you with skills you can apply in businesses and organizations in medicine, engineering, biology, chemistry, sociology, education, quality control, psychology, and many more.


A biochemistry degree has consistently been one of the top choices for many college entrants. And rightfully so. Biochemistry is a lab-based science that combines both biology and chemistry. It studies chemical processes and substances in animals, plants, and microorganisms throughout their lifecycle. Basically, you will be learning the chemistry of life itself.

As a biochemist, you will primarily take up a career in medicine, food and agriculture, education, or the environment. You will have an understanding of many things like dissolution apparatus.


With the advancement of technology, and the developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics has quickly become one of the top choices in STEM. Robotics is about conceiving, designing, manufacturing, and operating robots.

The field is extremely rewarding for budding engineers as the race to develop smarter, faster, and newer robots intensifies with every passing day. The goal is to build incredible machines to help humans perform various tasks.

With this degree, you can work as a robotics engineer, technician, or operator in robot manufacturing companies. Alternatively, you can work in research and development.

Microbiological Sciences and Immunology

If you dream of changing the world by developing cures and vaccines for diseases that plague humankind, a microbiological sciences and immunology degree is a perfect choice. Basically, you will be dealing with the study, development, and clinical trials for new drugs. As for work, you can find opportunities in government, medical, and pharmaceutical institutions.

Find Your Dream Career Among These SUNY Math & Science Degrees

Math and science degrees, while challenging, are eventually quite rewarding. And the best part is there are so many career paths to choose from depending on your interests and goals. If you are looking for the most popular options, one of these five degrees might be the right choice.

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