Top 5 apps for screen time in 2020

Working from home is the new normal. Kids are studying from home on their laptops or smartphones. And like any other parent, you might be concerned about the amount of time your child is spending on the phone. In such a scenario, you  must be looking for ways to increase your child’s online safety. A screen time app will help you know how much time your kid is spending and a lot more.

Importance of online safety for children

It is crucial to safeguard your child when they’re browsing the web from threats such as scams, malware, phishing, cyberbullying and identity theft. In this digital world, kid’s online safety is a necessity.

Do not worry, there are many apps to limit time screen. These apps will surely help you out in monitoring your child.

  1. Famisafe

Famisafe app is straightforward to use. It is designed for parents, and it does not take up much time to log in. You can download the Famisafe app either from GooglePlay or AppStore  After that, follow just three easy steps to use this screen time app:  log in – register, install and connect.

This app allows the parents to set a screen time remotely. And this is not it there are several features associated with this app such as :

  • Parents can change daily, weekly and even monthly usage of apps. This will help them to know where their kid is wasting more time.
  • Parents can set screen time around locations such as bedtime or school time. This will help them in keeping an eye on their kid’s school performance as well as their sleeping time and quality.
  • Parents can even block the devices temporarily so that they can spend more time doing something productive rather than wasting their time browsing the web.

There are three pricing plans:

  • Monthly Plan: available at $9.9/month
  • Annual Plan: available at $38.99/annum
  • Quarterly Plan: available at $19.99/quarter
  1. Zift

Zift allows parents to set a screen time limit and a lot more. It offers other parental control features such as:

  • instant updates on apps that are newly installed
  • The app will instantly report the parents of the searches made by their kid.
  • The app also alerts the parents in case their kid in consuming inappropriate content
  • Parents will be able to observe every web page to be sure that their kid is not consuming anything inappropriate.

In case the parents find that their kid is consuming content that is inappropriate for them, they can immediately block Internet access.

3 . Unglue

Unglue also has the feature of a screen time tracker that will help your child stay focused on more productive things rather than getting distracted from gaming or social media apps. Unglue bundles all the distracting apps together and then sets ups the time limit. This app is a great way to ensure that your child is spending their time on the smartphone only for productive purposes.

4 . Qustodio

Apart from screen time tracker Qustodio also offers features such as Smart Web Filters which immediately blocks adult or inappropriate content. It also sets a game limit as well as a device limit so that your child does not waste a lot of time on unnecessary things. Qustodio will also give you features to track texts and calls, monitor their social media networks along with panic alerts.

5 . Norton Family

The final app on our list is Norton Family. This award-winning app allows the parents to keep an eye on their child’s mobile apps, social networks, time and web search, video supervision, text messages and a lot more. This app will help you know how much time they are spending on gaming, calling or texting. By doing so, you will also make sure that your kid is not sharing sensitive and confidential information with anyone else.

Final Words:

All these apps will help you ensure that your kid is operating in a safe online environment and that they are not wasting their time or watching inappropriate content. You can ensure that they are utilising the device in an appropriate as well as productive way.


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