Top 4: Best CPU Cooler in the Market Right Now

When you are planning on building a monster PC, you should also consider the best CPU cooler, and not only the best PC components like the best graphics card, or the best motherboards. Building a gaming PC is more than just putting up the most powerful components.

It is also about investing your money in the top-tier peripheral that would support all the power, and getting the best cpu cooler is a good way to start all of it. Since they all come in different shapes, sizes, and prices, finding the best match for your build may depend on a few factors.

This would include your processor and your demands for overclocking. One thing to also consider would be your budget, but don’t fret. A lot of CPU coolers nowadays come extremely cheap, so don’t worry about buying only what your money can afford.

So, in this article, we would be giving you a list of some of the best CPU coolers in the market right now. We hope that this list would help you in building your dream PC, and for you to achieve that high gaming quality.

Noctua NH-D15

This CPU cooler is considered to be one of the best in the market today simply because it performs very well compared to other liquid coolers while being priced very low for the quality it gives. You might not be quite familiar with the brand Noctua as they are not well known in this market, but they mainly design coolers.

This would tell you a lot about them, and you’re already getting a product that really knows what they are doing. On top of doing what it is made to do, it does not give off a loud sound as well. So, no more loud CPU coolers that would be irritating in the long run.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB Black Edition

Cooler Master’s Hyper 212 cooler is back, and it is now sporting a metal black brushed aluminum. It’s an easy choice for us to include this CPU cooler as one of the best for a lot of reasons.

 This CPU cooler has a stacked fin array that would guarantee less airflow resistance, it also has four heat pimples that possess Direct Contact Technology for improved cooling, and a wide speed span for polished cooling performance, and noiseless operation.

NZXT Kraken Z-3

If you are looking for a cooler that has a diameter of 360MM or 280MM, this CPU cooler is a great choice if you’re interested in liquid cooling. This liquid cooler for your CPU lets you customize the fine-tune settings, and lets you display an image of something, or even an animated GIF all thanks to the vibrant 2.36-inch LCD screen that is able to display 24-bit color.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240P Mirage

This CPU Cooler of Cooler Master lets you enjoy playing for an extremely long time and without having to worry about thermal throttling or your CPU overheating. You might even stare at your CPU for an hour or so because this CPU cooler is aesthetically magnificent, especially if you possess a glass-window case for your CPU.

It is all thanks to the cooler’s see-through pump design that would let you see the blades of the rotor spinning while having various RGB lighting, almost like a colorful spinning wheel. If we’re talking about performance, there is no doubt that this is truly one of the best CPU coolers in the market today.


So, there you have it, guys! These are just some of the best CPU coolers in the market today. But if they don’t fit your budget, or it just doesn’t fit the all over appearance of your CPU, there are still a lot of CPU coolers that you can find on the internet.

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