Top 3 Ways to Keep Your Skin from Aging

A couple of facial lines add more character to one’s face. However, it is not a secret that most women prefer to have their wrinkles in check.

If you hate to take the surgical or medical route, reversing your wrinkles’ appearance can be challenging. There are a few steps you can opt to slow down the appearance of wrinkles. One is a lifestyle change, and the other is using the best anti-aging products.

Wrinkles: What are its causes?

As your skin ages, it also loses its elasticity. The collagen production slows down with age. Your skin’s condition can be further exacerbated by other factors. These factors include lifestyle habits, pollution, sun exposure, stress, and so on. Aside from these, your skin also becomes drier and thinner as you age. And if it does not have enough volume and moisture as it used to, it can be highly susceptible to wrinkles.

How can you prevent wrinkles?

Genetics plays a vital role in how your skin responds to aging, and this phenomenon is called intrinsic aging. Then again, even if the rest of your clan tends to have wrinkles easily, you still have better control of your skin. You get to decide how well your skin will be as it ages. Inevitably, wrinkles will eventually show at some point, that is why you need to take care of your skin and keep it wrinkle-free as long as you can.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your skin.

Keep it protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

As you already know, exposure of skin from the harmful rays of the sun can lead to wrinkling and premature aging. In a 2013 study featured on CNN, it was revealed the regular use of sunscreen could help fight photoaging. Photoaging is defined as the spotting, wrinkling, and loss of elasticity as a direct result of the skin’s exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

According to the said study, if you apply a 30 to 50 SPF daily, you can afford your skin that much-needed UV protection. Even if the weather is quite gloomy, never skip your sunscreen since UV rays can easily penetrate the clouds.

Regularly use a Microcurrent Anti-Aging Galvanic Massager.

One of the best anti-aging products you can use and invest in is a Microcurrent Anti-Aging Galvanic Massager. This kind of massager banks on mild electric currents to rejuvenate and stimulate the skin. If you use skincare products, your massager will allow these products to seep deeper into your skin’s epidermal layers.

If you have dehydrated and dry skin, this massager can also help hydrate it and keep it looking young and fresh. This is best paired with a facial gel because both of them can brighten your skin, smoothen it, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. After using it regularly for some time, you can witness that your sagging skin will be given a non-surgical lift.

Invest in a light therapy mask.

With the number of lights mainly included dependent on the manufacturer, this light therapy mask aims to improve one’s skin glow and tone. The heat from the light will penetrate deeply through your facial tissue and boost its collagen production, effectively reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Aside from that, it is also known to lighten dark spots and freckles. For those who have acne, rosacea, and large pores, this mask can also help tighten your skin.

The Takeaway

Keeping your skin healthy and rejuvenated can take a lot of effort. However, if you see how healthy, youthful, and glowing it becomes, you can say that all the energy and investments in skincare products are worth it.

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