Top 3 must-have features in developing Slack alike app

There are two most popular team messaging apps that are used often by teams.

Slack: Its new installation reaches 3 million approximately. In the United States, the most downloaded mobile team communication app is slack in the past year of 2008. It undergoes a 21% significant expansion in 2017.

Skype for Business: Skype is considered the second most installed app in the United States. Its installations reach up to 2 million approximately. A 14% extension was seen in 2017.

Share Documents and Task Lists With Team Members

Slack team communication app makes the availability of every single valuable document to users at the same spot on the workplace or apart from. Through slack or any messaging app like Slack, users can approach the messages, documents, and files through it. Moreover, regardless of their place, users can also view pictures and read documents. If anyone has the desire to create a slack app for their own use, these features below permit your users to communicate with their team members at any place according to their accessibility.


During the expansion of the team communication app, the fully searchable features recognize as essential to boost your users’ productivity. The fully searchable feature makes it simple for the users to search any file, documents, images, and anything just by typing its endorse. This feature saves the time of users which they are wasting in doing searches and can pay more attention to the work.

Third-Party Tools – Apps Integrations

Using this app users can connect with other third-party instruments amalgamation and they don’t have to quit their team communication app. If you are developing team communication apps such as slack, the use of this feature pays an important role in the success of the app. With the help of this feature, users can work more rapidly. In this feature, users should have permission to put useful data to conversations. Besides, they should have the ability to complete easy tasks using a team communication app.

Notifications, Screen Sharing, and Search History

The slack app offers you a screen sharing feature for effective teamwork. The screen sharing feature permits members to share their screen with other team members to make their work lives comfortable. Notification is another important feature of the slack alike app. This is a reminder of the significant information related to their project. The user can also set custom notifications using this app. So, that they can pay attention to the context which is more important during the working hours. The slack app also offers the user another essential feature which is called History. This feature helps the user to improve their work efficiency.


The user of the team collaboration app without any trouble can communicate with other team members. Using this app, the user can communicate with each other in real-time. Google trends reported that the keywords “team communication app” has been searching since 2011. And if we talk about searches, U.S is considered one of the most interest regions.

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