Top 11 Causes Of Traffic Accidents In Nevada

Each year, the Office of Traffic Safety under the Nevada State Police, records over 300 fatalities related to traffic accidents. With greater care and adherence to traffic laws, a majority of them are preventable. Here are the top 11 most common causes of traffic accidents in Nevada


Nearly 8.5% of all accidents in the US result from driving while distracted. Distractions such as texting, eating, drinking, and operating dials on the dashboard can easily lead to mistakes. You may veer slightly off your lane or can’t see danger fast enough. The state will hold you liable if you cause an accident due to distracted driving.


Speeding increases the chances of accidents because drivers may not respond quickly enough to emergencies. Worse still, a speeding vehicle increases the severity of accidents. Compared to other causes of accidents, speeding causes more fatalities.


Reckless driving can be any behavior that shows a lack of consideration for your own safety and that of others on the road. Driving over the limit, ignoring traffic signs and laws, and changing lanes dangerously are all forms of reckless driving. A first reckless offense in Nevada can earn a $250 to $1000 fine, while a second one carries $1000 to $1500. A jail sentence of 6 months is also possible. If you have accumulated several reckless driving charges, hire Las Vegas car accident lawyers to mitigate your punishment.


Getting behind the wheel while fatigued greatly increases the chances of causing an accident. Fatigue can lead to poor decision making and slow reaction times. You are also less aware of your surroundings while tired. To avoid this, the National Sleep Foundation says that more than 6400 deaths in the US are attributable to drowsy driving.


Over 10% of traffic accident deaths involve drivers aged between 15-20. Their inexperience can lead to excitement and thus speeding or inability to make the right call in an emergency. An example is driving too close behind a semi-truck or overcompensating when they drift off onto the road shoulder.

Bad weather

Bad weather is a common cause of accidents. Too much rain or dust interferes with visibility and can easily cause drivers to fail to see potholes, warning signs, oncoming traffic, and even cars in front of them. Where possible, drivers should avoid driving in risky conditions because they are at a risk of harm due to mistakes of their own or of other drivers.

Driving at Night

Driving at night has its inherent risks. Visibility is much less compared to daytime and it’s easier to miss signs, especially when drivers are on roads they are unfamiliar with. They may also face risks such as stalled trucks on the road and animals crossing the road at night. Other users are also more likely to be fatigued and drowsy at night.

Poorly Serviced Vehicles

A poorly service vehicle is a major risk factor. The car may stall in dangerous road sections leaving the driver in harm’s way. Other problems that might occur include brake failure while at speed due to worn-out parts. Failure to service a vehicle properly places liability on the driver. However, there are scenarios where failure results from a manufacturer’s defect.

Construction on Roads

Ongoing construction on roads can be a cause of traffic accidents but in most cases, accidents result from people failing to adhere to signs that contractors put up. Construction can lead to closure of some lanes and new speed limits. A lack of keenness in construction areas can easily cause drivers to hit barriers, potholes, or land in ditches. However, when an accident results from improper signage by the constructors, you can contact Las Vegas accident lawyers for recourse.

Driving under the influence

Driving while intoxicated impair judgement and is a major cause of traffic accidents in the US. A DUI charge in Nevada can lead to a sentence of up to 6 months in jail

Pedestrians’ Failing to Honor Road Signs

Another serious cause of accidents is pedestrians failing to follow road signs. People walking in areas that pedestrians should not and crossing the road in the wrong places increases chances of accidents happening.

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