Top 10 Automotive Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2020

Owning a car doesn’t make you a good driver. Practicing how to drive safely is! What else? Learning and keeping on the hottest news and trends about automotive is another edge you can have. Imagine talking with your circle of friends, and you can’t keep up with them because you are being left behind about the topic.

So uncomfortable feeling, right? We know you don’t want that.  And it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here, we gathered some valuable blog posts and websites you can rely on for real-world travel tips, trends news, and other Automotive-Enthusiast-Things you should know.

Read on to figure them out!

  1. Carcody (

Avoid being helplessly stuck in the middle of the road!

On reviving your dead car in the middle of the road, the  blog will help you know what to do. These five simple things will avoid you being helplessly stuck on the side of the road. You can also use it to help others or your friends. And that’s a nice thing to do – you help others, not only yourself.

  1. The Weekly Driver (

Podcast Every Automotive Enthusiast Should Hear-out!

The “The Weekly Driver” is a podcast site wherein you can listen to interviews, new car reviews, and other automotive insightful contents. You will enjoy hearing their newly uploaded podcast titled “#138, Tom Britzman: A 1917 Saxon and 80 years of driving”. No surprise if you will love their contents. That’s our top 2! They started in 2003 and continuously sharing their stuff, so automotive enthusiasts get references.

  1. Car Gurus Blog (

Reliable source to check out about “Buying a Used Truck.”

Featured post of Car Gurus Blog titled “Buying a Used Truck? These 5 Rule The Worksite” highlighted five rugged trucks that are ideally suited for the worksite. It will help you identify what’s good to use and buy at the perfect price.

  1. Motor Trend (

If you are into unique features, Motor Trend’s post fits you!

Motor Trend is known for its reliable reviews about cars’ features. Their latest published post titled “The 2021 Ford F-150’s Coolest (and Weirdest) Features” is our top 4. Aside from that, they are also constantly producing videos of quality Car Shows that automotive enthusiasts can enjoy.

  1. Auto Motor Blog (

For Economical Family Car, check this out!

Auto Motor Blog is a good source of automotive information. Their latest blog post is for Family Car titled “What is the Most Economical Family Car.” Their site will assist you in picking the best car for your family and show simple buying guides. You’ll love them for smooth transactions!

  1. All About Automotive (

Timely Information You Ought To Know.

Timely information not only for cars but for the things around the automotive industry is now a must know. The “All About Automotive” is there for you for the most updated news you can trust. Their latest published posts titled “Keeping Staff and Customers Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic” explains why we say it. They are constantly striving to achieve superior customer service.

  1. Honest Accurate Auto (

Must Know When Documenting Car Accidents.

One of the stressful scenarios about having a car is when you experience a car accident. No one can predict it, and – everyone is very prone to it. The good news is; the “Honest Accurate Auto” produced their new blog post titled “Tips For Documenting A Motor Vehicle Accident – Get All The Information!” on what to do when it happened.

  1. Car and Driver (

For Future Automotive News: Here’s What You Should Watch-out!

The “Car and Driver” has published its new post! The title is “Polestar Will Build Some Ride-Hailing Robotaxi with Waymo” — The title speaks for itself! If you want more of that, subscribe to them now!

  1. Good Car Bad Car (

The latest Quality Car Reviews in 2020 is here!

The “Good Car Bad Car” is popular because of their “Don’t Miss” section of their website. There, a list of the latest reviews they published every year. Best Crew Cab Pickups for 2020, Best Crossovers for 2020, 8 Best Sports Cars for 2020 are a few review-blogs they published this year.

  1. Green Car Report (

Top Automotive News In One Site!

Green Car Reports has multiple trends automotive enthusiasts can check-out! They categorized their reports so people can easily find their best interest fields. Some of them are Electric Cars, Today In Car News, Car Tech, and Hybrids. Their latest published blog titled “Lordstown Endurance electric pickup: A premiere, a political rally, and a push back to summer 2021”. Another must-read!

With so much information available on our fingertips, it is now a must-do to filter reliable information and – figure out what is working and what is not. Here, we gave you the most reliable blog posts and websites you must check out now.

We hope you find some value from it. We would like to hear it in the comment section.

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