Top 10 Alternatives for MovieBox App

Are you looking for a new alternative source to stream movies on your iPhone or iPad? MovieBox used to be the number one choice of millions of TweakBoxApp users but, all of a sudden, it’s gone. The app is no longer being supported by its developers and that has left many people without any viewing options on their devices.

Fear not because there are plenty of alternatives movie streaming apps if you know where to look for them – we found several that we think you will like.

Top 10 MovieBox Alternatives

The iOS app store is full of alternatives; finding the right one is the hardest. We did quite a lot of research and found these 10 apps, all legal, and all safe to use.


One of the most popular choices in movie streaming, Hulu offers access to thousands of movies, cartoons, TV series, TV shows and much more. It works on all the major platforms and offers Chromecast support too. It is safe to use and regular updates keep it that way, as well as adding more content It is web-based which means you need internet access but you do get one-click access to all the content you could possibly want.


Vudu is quite a new streaming app and isn’t that big right now. However, it is growing at a fast pace, not just in popularity but in content too. You get a great choice of movies and TV shows, including the latest offerings and regular updates continue to add to that list. You cannot watch offline though, which means an internet connection is available. While you can browse the app right off, if you want to watch anything, you will need to sign up for a free account.


We’ve all heard of Kodi and know it as one of the best options for media storage. Free and open-source, it was originally developed as a way for you to store your own media in one place. However, now there are many addons that will provide you with a ton of streaming options – movies, documentaries, TV shows, series, cartoons, music, news, and so much more. All of them are free to use but, be aware that they are not strictly legal and are prone to disappear very quickly. Be prepared to keep finding new ones if you want to keep on watching.

Tubi TV

Another new addition to the streaming arena, Tubi TV offers several of the most popular genres and plenty of choice in each one. It is growing very fast and regular updates add to the content with new TV series and movies being added all the time. Tubi TV is free to use, legal and safe but you will need a free account if you want to stream anything on your device. And there is no offline mode so an internet connection is required to watch anything.


The first of our subscription services is Netflix, a very popular and well-known streaming service. While you need a subscription to watch, you can get a 30-day free trial, more than enough time to figure out if the service suits you. What’s on offer is one of the largest catalogs of movies and TV series, constantly updated with new stuff as it becomes available. You can watch old classics or the latest offerings and the more you watch, the better the recommendations Netflix makes for content choices. You can download some stuff to watch offline but be aware that content does vary from region to region.


Another subscription service, HBO Go provides access to all of HBO’s channels. You can watch movies, documentaries, TV series, and a whole lot more including both HBO originals and external distributor content. Content does vary by region but you can watch in full HD.


Free to use, iFlix provides a great choice of movies, local content, series, TV shows and even a Pic of the Day movie. You can watch on one and stream on two other devices at the same time and, although there is plenty of choice, you can get even more by signing up to iFlix Premium.


Viu is something different because it caters to viewers in the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, and India. Here, you can watch movies and TV dramas, either download to watch offline or stream live. Subtitles are available in multiple languages and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world – you can still watch it all. You also have the choice of setting notifications for New episodes and loads of other free features.

MX Player

With MX Player, you have more than 150,000 hours of viewing, all for free. There’s a huge choice of movies, show, series, Hindi channels, web series, and much more. You have the choice of creating a watchlist, choosing your language and offline mode.


Another very different app, Viewster is aimed at those who like to watch anime. Here, you can find the most popular ones, including movies, shows and much more. There are ads and the content on offer is not freely available elsewhere but there is a decent choice of content to watch.

Once, we would have struggled to find a decent streaming app but now we have plenty to choose from. All of these are legal to watch and, while some are subscription only, they are not expensive and offer fantastic value for money.

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