Tired of pharaoh ants? Let’s find ways to get rid of them!

Things to know about pharaoh ants!

Pharaoh ants are small, notorious but annoying indoor pests especially found in hospitals, apartments or restaurants. Although they are tropical species but they are able to thrive in temperate regions too, like buildings. They are more than 1/16 inch in length and have light yellow or reddish brown body. Abdomen is the darker part. It takes 45 days for them tp grow completely into an adult from an egg. Queens can live for about 39 weeks while workers die after 10 weeks.

Ways to get rid of pharaoh ants:

One of the answers to the question how to get rid of pharaoh ants is:

  • Ant-Trax ant bait: This is the most effective method available. The bait comes in a syringe to make the use easy for people. These ants usually attack on sweet food. The gel is also sweet that is good enough to trap the ants. Wherever you find activity of ants, just apply the syringe.
  • Spectre 2 SC: One important thing to keep in mind is that if you spray any insecticide directly on ants, the group will spread. In this way, they will create even more ants increasing in number and doubling your problem. Instead of any random spray, use Spectre 2SC. This is a flavored liquid concentrate for ants and many other pests as well. Make sure to follow the instructions from the label before using it. Mix it with water and gently spray on the basic areas of the house like windows, doors, baseboards, sinks or other entry points. Also drop some liquid in wall voids.

This will go unnoticed by the ants as its non repellant. Ants being unaware will be easily controlled by the liquid.

More tips to follow:

  • Food sources must be eliminated from home. Open food is an invitation to pharaoh ants, store the food in air tight boxes and prevent the fragrance from reaching ants.
  • Cleanliness is the solution to half of the problems. Sweep your home daily. Counter tops must always be dry.
  • Water can also attract these ants so fix the leakage problems at your place if any.
  • Have some trimmed vegetation around your place if you don’t want to welcome pharaoh ants to your family.

Should one feel danger from pharaoh ants?

Well, these tiny creatures are quite hazardous. Although they don’t bite human beings but they carry a bag of diseases with them like salmonella, staphylococcus, and clostridium. This may lead to botulism. They easily contaminate and worsen the patients’ wounds in hospitals because of the pathogens they possess.

In the nutshell!

It might be difficult to get rid of these ants but cautions are mandatory. You can find these killing products in marts easily. The online option is also available. Products can be delivered to your home. Try them once and you won’t have to see the face of pharaoh ants ever!

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