Tips & Tricks On Maintaining Your Car’s Air Conditioning Effectively

Sometimes it can indeed be very frustrating when your car’s air conditioner is not working as it is supposed to, especially when the temperatures are soaring outside of your vehicle. Moreover, it further becomes unbearable or uncomfortable during the peak summer months as well.

If you want your vehicle air conditioner to be hundred per cent efficient in its task, then you must maintain the same in the proper manner too. With that being said, we are sharing some much-needed tips & tricks that you’ll be happy to know – with the help of mobile car repair solutions.

Why Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner Is Not Cool As Before?

When you start experiencing not so cool air from your vehicle air conditioner, it means that the refrigerant levels are low. If your vehicle doesn’t have enough refrigerant inside its air conditioning unit, it will not have enough pressure to initiate the clutch system. And when there’s not enough pressure, the air conditioner compressor cannot start.

However, there will be times when the refrigerant levels will be adequate but there can be a failed clutch, which might prevent the air conditioning compressor from working as it is supposed to. Times like these are when you require the help of a professional mechanic.

Why Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air?

Air conditioners should typically provide cold air. In case your air conditioning is blowing hot air, this means that there’s a refrigerant leak. It should be realized that a vehicle uses a refrigerant inside its air conditioning system to cool down the car’s interiors.

But, if the refrigerant suffers a leak, then it can prevent other components inside the air conditioning system from functioning properly. And one of the main ways to conclude that there’s a leak is by noticing a lack of cool air inside your car cabin. Unlike an oil leak, a refrigerant leak will lead to the whole refrigerant compound getting evaporated over time.

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioning System?

  • Try to run your vehicle air conditioner for at least ten minutes per week, even in the winter season as well. You might not need the air conditioner to keep yourself warm, but turning on the air conditioning system regularly will keep the compressor functioning correctly and thereby maintain suitable gas pressure.
    When you do this procedure, make sure to turn on the air conditioner to its maximum setting. Many vehicle drivers use this process to defog their vehicle windshield.
  • At least run your vehicle air conditioner in defrost mode for around five to ten minutes regularly. This will help in clearing out any excess moisture and thereby prevent any onset of odors or bacteria from forming inside the vehicle cabin.
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