Tips to Throw an Unforgettable Company Party this Vacation Season

It is already winter, which means that the vacation season is about to kick in!

And it is again time for companies to recall a proverb we all have heard or read somewhere in life: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. I can’t guarantee you about the truthfulness of “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, but believe me this Jack one is really true.

And no company wants its ace player ‘Jack’ to become a dull boy.

That’s why a company should always bring some entertaining events, parties and get together in the hectic schedule to sprinkle lively vibes in the dull and boring office ambience. And no time can be better than a vacation season when everyone is energized, enthralled and happy. A party call from the company’s end will be like a cherry on the top for them.

But remember that the Christmas period is busy and employees’ schedule is filled already with so many other cherries, like family events, and guest calls. So, your cherry should really be on the top to excite them enough, i.e. your party should be exciting and memorable for them.

Here are some tips that can help you throw a Christmas party that will become the buzz of the market and love of the employees:

Choose a Flexible Time:

As already mentioned, the Christmas period is jam-packed with so many invitations and outing promises with family. In such a case, your invitation might turn out to be burdensome for the employees because of no time-slot availability.

The best thing is to ask your employees about their availability options. But if you have a large number of employees and it is not possible to consider everyone’s opinion, then you should choose a flexible time on your own. You don’t necessarily need to hold a party exact on Christmas Eve (after all, you have to spend time with your family too!).

You can choose some date early in December and let employees know beforehand so that they can manage their schedule for the heartfelt event ahead.

Set Mood with a Theme:

You might think that Christmas themes are for the children or family events, and office events should be sophisticated and with official touch. This idea is totally wrong!

Just like any other holiday party, company party should also be filled with fun and joy. And nothing sets the party mood better than setting a theme. You don’t need to go with the basic Santa theme because we are here talking about being different and memorable. The best option is to splurge a bit and hire a corporate event management company and ask them to organize your Christmas party with the latest theme ideas.

Go With a Convenient Location:

You might be thinking of throwing a grand party, so your farmhouse might seem the best venue choice. Good from your perspective, but this venue might be not-so-good from your employees perspective. Remember that this party is not for your happiness, but your employees. So, look out for the convenience of all employees before choosing a location.

You can go with a location close to the office, or where most employees are located. In short, choose a venue where everyone can reach easily and timely.

Now you know what you need to throw the best company party this coming vacation season. Go for it – happy party season!

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