Tips to Streamline Your Customer Service Operations Without Compromising Quality

Keeping your company structure clean and lean makes it easier to adapt to the dynamic business environment. In 2020, companies around the world learned how important adaptability was.

Today the key is on working toward a sustainable, streamlined business model. An in-house service desk is expensive to operate, so many businesses are looking for alternatives.

In this article, we’ll look at what those alternatives are and how businesses can streamline service without compromising its quality.

Consider Outsourcing

There is no substitute for a highly proficient and motivated service team. With modern technology, however, it’s no longer necessary for that team to be in the same building or even country.

The advantage of this is that businesses have access to the best service teams around the world. Whether you require simple live chat support for your website, or a full call center, email, and social media support, you have many options.

Why Choose to Outsource?

Let’s use an example here to illustrate why outsourcing is a good idea. Say, for instance, that you have a cardiac arrest and need aftercare. Would you prefer to speak to the in-house general surgeons or a cardiologist?

Both types of doctors can recognize the symptoms of a heart attack. They both know what emergency treatment to apply. With recovery, things become a little murkier. The general surgeon is skilled enough to perform a broad range of emergency procedures.

The cardiologist, however, knows everything there is to know about the heart. They deal with issues like yours every day.

Customer service may seem less important than cardiac arrest. We can, however, apply the same analogy. Would your clients rather deal with a general call center where employees learn on the go? Or do they deserve the best possible service from professionals in the industry?

One area where our analogy falls a little short is that a specialist charges much more than a general surgeon. In the outsourcing world, this price differentiation shifts the other way. Specialist companies can offset their costs by taking on several clients. They can, therefore, run their teams more cost-effectively than you.

Consider Using Automation

Businesses should look for ways to improve employee efficiency and productivity. Automated solutions handle tedious tasks flawlessly every time. Improve your customer service and reduce costs by incorporating automated solutions.

Here are some ways that you can do so:

  • Use accounting software to reconcile bank statements and create entries automatically.
  • Put a chatbot in place to answer simple client questions
  • Use autoresponders
  • Consider using an app to provide clients easy access to their accounts.

Have Robust Self-Service Options in Place

Very few clients wish to contact support. Many try to find the answer on their own by looking for information on your website. You can assist them by creating the best resource you can.

Plan an extensive knowledge base that you can add to and update. Answer every question your clients may ask and give them the ability to search for the answers quickly. Should they need more help, make it clear how they can contact your company.

Stay active on community forums, and you’ll add even more value.

Provide Your Team With Guidelines

Whether your team is in-house or remote, they need a set of clear guidelines. Provide them with:

  • A list of frequently asked questions and their answers.
  • Some script ideas.
  • Access to the systems and tools that they need to do their jobs to the best of their ability.
  • A process to follow when they must escalate a query.

Manage Customer Expectations

Not all businesses can provide 24/7 support. If your business is one of them, you should communicate this clearly to clients. Put the service hours clearly on your website, and let them know when you’ll get back to them.

If they send in an email or instant message when no one’s there, make sure that the autoresponder acknowledges receipt and tells them when they’ll get a reply.

Final Notes

Streamlining your customer service doesn’t need to be complicated. Simple steps like improving your client’s self-service options and outsourcing your help department to service professionals bear fruit.

Automation reduces the load on your employees and gives the client an instant response. Partnering with a professional service company improves your client satisfaction and your bottom line.

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