Tips to boost your brain health

A healthy lifestyle helps us achieve our objectives and goals, effectively implement our plans and manage the difficulties to overcome them. Good health maintained and supported by the person himself allow him to live a joyful and long life. World Health Organization defines the definition of good health as:

“Human health is an objective state and a subjective feeling of complete physical, mental and social comfort”.

If you want to use your brainpower to the maximum and want to boost its health, follow these tips. You can also use natural mental relief products, or you can also order ginkgo Biloba online that may enhance healthy cognitive functions of your brain.

Watch your blood circulation

Poor blood circulation does not allow a person to concentrate fully. If you have been in the same position for a long time, try to stretch your legs for at least 1-2 minutes. This will restore blood circulation. The best food to have for good blood circulation is ginger.

Use olive oil

The antioxidant effect of olive oil protects brain tissue, helping to prevent damage caused by free radicals. The use of olive oil also helps to maintain heart health and improve blood circulation, which ensures that all the nutrients and energy necessary for its work enter the brain.

Train your intelligence

Not only exercise is important. You can develop different areas of your brain by making them work. Try new tastes and smells. Try doing something with your left hand (if you are right-handed, and vice versa). Travel to new places. Make art. Read more about classics.

Consume dried fruits

Walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds are rich in vitamins and minerals. They need to be added to the daily menu. Among vitamins, B vitamins are especially important for maintaining high brain productivity.

Ask questions

Our brains are predisposed to curiosity. Allow yourself to be curious. The best way to develop curiosity is to ask “Why” Let it be a new habit (at least ten times a day). You will be amazed at how many opportunities will open in your life, and you will feel better.

Get rid of negative thoughts

The thoughts that come in your mind hold the great importance to the functioning of your brain. A study by Mark George and his colleagues at the National Institute of Health proved that happy and optimistic thoughts have a calming effect on the brain. However, negative thoughts lead to depression and anxiety. Better not to think at all than to think negatively.

Laugh more

Scientists say loud laughter is good for our health. In the process of loud laughter, endorphins are produced, and this helps us relieve tension. Thus, laughter can charge our brain and help to boost brain health.

Develop your memory

The brain contains a huge memory. Take an old photo album or school diary and remember. Spend time with your memories. But remember only the good ones. Do not look at photographs of people with whom bad memories are associated. Cover them with your hand or a piece of paper. Let the mind think and remember. Positive emotions from memories will help you deal with problems.

Recalling the past is not good

Not because it is “bad or good,” but because there the energy is dead. By remembering the past, we increase our attachment to imaginable joys.

Give rest to your brain

Always take breaks during operation. This will help relieve the tension that arises from the fact that you sit in the same place for too long. Resting only 10-15 minutes every hour, you can increase your ability to work. A short rest will help your brain relax and tidy up your thoughts. Spend time playing, participate in sports or everything that suits you within reasonable limits or various health systems. The best thing is to do yoga. Need more information about brain relaxation? Follow this guide about how to give rest to your brain.

Talk with an imaginary friend

By talking and receiving advice from an imaginary interlocutor, you are able to open access to information that is on a subconscious level. Imagine that you are talking to a person who is competent enough in the field you need. Talking aloud but in a decent tone is best.

Improve your skills

Routine activities, such as embroidering, reading, drawing, and solving crosswords, are very important. Force yourself to do it all in a new way, find original solutions to improve your skills. Read new books, learn new ways of drawing, and solve more complex crosswords. For example, try reading an upside-down book. Do not be upset if this does not work out right away. Achieving better results will help your brain to be healthy.

Surround yourself with inspiration

Communicate with people who inspire you, both with contemporaries and from the past. No matter how old you are or what you do, your brain just needs a load. It can be logical puzzles, memorizing Shakespeare or learning Chinese. Make your brain work hard if you do not want it to rust like a car in a landfill.

Reduce the use of alcohol

It is proved that alcohol not only damages mental abilities but also prevents their recovery. You can drink but with self-control. Of course, each has its own measure.

Sleep well

Viewing key information before bed will improve its memorization by 20-30%. You can keep some reading book near the bed before going to sleep if it does not bore you much. And be sure to keep a pen with a notebook next to the bed. If there is an obsession, it will not let you fall asleep until you write it down. Do not be upset if, in the morning, it seems stupid or ridiculous. The main thing is that the brain has done the work.

Play with passion

When people enter the life of study and creativity, they give their work 200% more. Admire yourself and the world at the same time. Remember what you loved to do when you were a child, and do this as an adult. This is the key to your genius. Da Vinci, Edison, Einstein, and Picasso – they all loved to play and explore. Do not be afraid to fall into memories of childhood. This happens sooner or later with everyone, but not everyone understands the benefits of it.

Identify cycles of consciousness

Determine the time when your consciousness was most active. If you determine this time, you can do the most important tasks at this time. It can be morning, evening or even night time.


What else can make your brain healthy and happy? Of course, regular training! Our brain, along with our body, needs a load and a wonderful way to keep the brain in good shape and healthy. One of the best tip to keep our brain healthy is to stay happy, eat healthy food and take a good sleep.

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