Tips on Studying Postgraduate programs in New Zealand

Do you already know which area or which program you want to do your postgraduate course? New Zealand offers vacancies and scholarships for international students who want to pursue both a postgraduate degree, an MBA and a doctorate. For this, it is necessary to consider your initial training, duration of the course, availability and desired area of expertise. Know the particularities of each one.

Postgraduate or Master’s

The postgraduate program in New Zealand is called Master and is divided into two categories. The first one is the Master by Coursework. The second type is the Master by Thesis, which has a period focused on research and is equivalent to the Brazilian master’s course.

In addition to your curriculum, you must present an individual research project; both options can last from one to two years.


The Master of Business Administration, or MBA, also lasts from one to two years, depending on the field and approach chosen. It is usually sought after by professionals in the business, management and administration sectors who want to update and improve their knowledge.

Doctorate degree

The doctorate or Doctoral Degree (PhD) is more extensive. With a duration of three to four years, it has a curriculum focused on research and development of topics in the area studied. The idea is to bring real benefits to society and the study sector. Therefore, the purpose of the doctorate is to go deeper into a specific topic.

How to get a scholarship?

It is possible to get a postgraduate scholarship in New Zealand where the government pays not only your tuition fees, but also your onward and return tickets and medical insurance.

In some cases, the New Zealand system covers expenses for accommodation and university materials such as books. The same goes for research and doctoral programs. See how to apply and participate in the process.

The main requirements for applying for a graduate scholarship are based on academic criteria, academic achievement and the area offered. Some institutions set minimum ages, usually 39 years, for this type of course.

In addition, you must prove proficiency in English, send a copy of your passport, academic record and your higher education diploma with a certified translation. To register, always look for information on the official websites, as the rules change depending on the university, course and type of scholarship.


To apply for a postgraduate scholarship in New Zealand, keep an eye on the dates and official website of the program you wish to participate in. By doing this, you must participate in a test that proves your qualifications in the area of expertise and in the language.

Only after approval of this evaluation will you be forwarded to the registration page for your application, where you will fill out a form with very basic information, such as full name, address, e-mail, telephone numbers for contacting courses and institutions of preference for your handbag.

Selective process

The selection, as said, is made by academic merit and by your student background, especially in relation to your course and achievement in graduation. Those who have participated in research, have published projects, have volunteered work and been involved in academic life earn extra points.

New Zealand is a country that highly values student engagement, contribution to the community in which they live and engagement in projects that make a difference in society. So, start looking for ways to stand out in these areas.

Which universities to study?

Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the main doubts for those who want to study abroad is which institution to choose and how to make this selection. Initially, you can already eliminate some options by location, courses offered that are not related to your interests and even requirements for the courses.

The best option when choosing is to have the help of a specialized education agents. These will be the best professionals to guide not only the best institution for your goals, but also about accommodations, bureaucratic procedures and any matter that involves their experience. On, you can search for education agents internationally to findthe right on.

The University of Auckland

The University of Auckland was founded in 1883 and is regarded as the largest in New Zealand, and its reputation focuses on research. With more than 4,000 exchange students, this is an institution that always appears in the best positions in several international rankings.

To study at one of the institution’s ten campuses, you can choose courses with approaches in:

  • Art;
  • Business;
  • Education and social services;
  • Engineering;
  • Medicine and health;
  • Science

The institution has five campuses, the City Campus being the largest and also where the largest number of foreign students are located.

University of Otago

The University of Otago was the first institution founded in New Zealand, in 1869. It currently has more than 20,000 students and 14 research centers. With several awards in its curriculum, it is a university that encourages students and employees to do voluntary work.

Although the institution’s strength is in science (health and environmental science), you can find a world-class teaching model in courses:

  • Social studies;
  • Education;
  • Business;
  • Medicine.

The University of Otago often offers scholarships for undergraduate, graduate, master’s and doctoral degrees in its various fields. Surely, studying at a university that is among the best in the world will give you a good curricular differential.

University of Waikato

Waikato is on the North Island and was the scene of major battles during the Maori war for land. The University of Waikato offers important grants to graduate students in New Zealand, mainly because it has ties to the country’s industry.

Graduate options can be taught or research-based. The first offers the development of techniques and knowledge in a specific area of your choice, while those based on research allow you to be supported by a supervisor in independent studies.

In addition, there are surveys that are available for those interested who wish to deepen their knowledge of specific topics. In this option, the university provides support from leading research supervisors as well as the university’s facilities.

The courses most sought after by students and with the best ratings are:

  • Arts and social sciences;
  • Computer science and mathematics;
  • Education;
  • Maori and Indigenous Studies;
  • Engineering;

University of Canterbury

Founded in 1873, the University of Canterbury is also among the top 300 universities in the world and rated five stars by the QS Ranking. The university’s mission and focus is to contribute to the growth and improvement of society and the local community. Therefore, they are looking for engaged students who want to make a difference.

In addition to the extensive student support network, the institution offers fitness centers for registered students and state-of-the-art libraries. It is located in Ilha Sul and has partnerships with several institutions around the world.

Choosing to pursue a postgraduate degree in New Zealand is a big and important step in your personal and professional life. This decision will make a huge difference when looking for placements in the market. For everything to go as expected, it is necessary to plan and, mainly, to have an agency that guides you with bureaucratic issues, especially in your applications.

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