Tips on how to perfectly design a public bathroom


A public bathroom not only caters to the most basic needs of humans but has many other important purposes as well. These purposes include washing your hands, using the mirror for grooming, attending to menstrual hygiene needs and even changing your baby’s diaper. If you’ve ever used a public bathroom, you know how important the design and maintenance of this facility is.

Listed below are some tips that will help you design a near to the perfect public bathroom.

Putting too much thought into the design of the bathroom when you’re designing the rest of the facility isn’t exactly on the top of your priorities but regardless of how amazing your facility is, if someone has a bad experience in the bathroom, it will affect the rest of their experience as well.

Follow the law

According to the law, an employer must provide their employees with toilets and it requires any place that offers food or drinks to have a toilet nearby for customers or visitors. There should be proper ventilation in the toilets. There must e both cold and hot running water. They should be clean and there should be separate toilets for both men and women, both with locks.


The matter of privacy comes up when it comes to the layout of public bathrooms. This privacy concern mostly arises, particularly when we talk about men’s urinals. Many studies have been conducted proving that men experience a shy bladder when standing too close to another man while trying to urinate or if they aren’t any physical fencing between each urinal. The perfect way to respect every man’s privacy in a public bathroom is to design the bathroom in a way that the urinals are at the back of the bathroom and people dint have to walk by other men urinating to get to the toilet cubicles or the sink.

Give it a homely feel

If you want the people visiting your facility to feel as comfortable as if they are at their home, you will have to give the bathroom a homely feel. If you have a company, you can add the colour schemes of the band into the bathrooms, add funky mirrors and play some pleasant music. Don’t forget to have the perfect lighting for the selfie queen taking selfies in the bathroom.

Acoustic control

Have you ever been to a bathroom but there was someone outside and it scared you they were going to hear you using the bathroom? Using a bathroom is nothing embarrassing, but we’ve all been there. There are many ways you can eliminate this fear from users. You could either add cubicles that close from ceiling to floor making them soundproof to some extent or you could put together some tunes approach to be played n a bathroom to make a user feel more comfortable while using the bathroom.

These are just some basic recommendations on how to make your public bathroom better. There is a lot more one can do to make the experience better depending on what type of public restroom you plan on building.

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