Tips for Maintaining a Good Fashion Statement

Fashion and style statements are two things that can actually keep you up all night. Have you ever worked on creating outfits and looking out what accessories match with watch bags? The joy of crafting style statements wrapped up in outfit options is something that every girl will understand.

In order to make the right fashion statement, you need to be smart and choose something that actually reflects your real personality in the most accurate manner. Always be sure that you are confident in what you are carrying. Learn more about Maintaining a Good Fashion Statement at

Here are some tips that can help you in making a good fashion statement;

A denim dress

Denim is a powerful weapon for all the fashionistas out there. One great thing that can truly amp up your fashion statement like nothing before is a nice and fairly denim dress. All of you girls out there must have a striking denim dress that you can pair with a nice set of boots or even sneakers for a day out. A fit and flared dress is something that looks absolutely flattering on all body types and with many options from pavement clothing; you can now pick the one that suits you the most at juice Wrld merch Shop. It is a complete statement piece in self as it highlights your best features while also giving you this classic chilled out vibe. You can go for light shades of denim in the summer and a little bolder ones for the winter also. You can both dress it up or down according to the occasion and each time making it will look totally chic.

Oversized blazer with a fit shirt

This is one fashion statement that can take your style game to a whole new level. Trust me, all of us have those days when we just do not have the energy to put the effort into our outfits. An oversized blazer and r34 gtr shirt is the solution for all those days. Be careful about this one though because if not styled in the right manner then instead of looking like a fashion statement it might end up looking like you just could not put in enough effort. With an oversized blazer, always go for tops or blouses that are slim fit and not loose. The reason for this is that a loose-fitting shirt paired with an oversized blazer gives off a very unpleasant silhouette. Pairing it with a fitted high neck or jumper even can make you appear sleeker and the whole comes off as a very subtle fashion statement.

Own a chunky necklace

Go big or go home! This is one phrase that certainly applies so much stamen pieces in accessories. A nice chunky necklace is truly a fashion statement in itself. If you feel that your overall look is quite mellow and subtle then nothing can amp it up as much as a nice piece of accessory. You can throw on a nice chunky gold neckpiece on a simple dress to make it appear much more happening and glamorous. Whether you are looking towards a fun night at the movies or maybe going to a formal dinner, a statement necklace is one thing that can bring your style quotient from a hazy three to a solid ten. You can use it with dresses or jeans and it actually fusions with the whole look in its own way. It can make any boring outfit really fun and can be a nice touch to add.

Go with monotone suits

The monotone is the new black if you ask me. One piece of clothing that makes me feel on top of the world has to be a power suit. A must-have for every girl; a monotone power suit can be a fashion statement without any trouble. A matching set can make you feel very powerful. It has its own vibe and charm and while wearing it you naturally feel more confident.  Nothing can be more alluring the confidence and monotone suits give you exactly that. You can make it look more sleek and formal with a nice bun or ponytail for a more cooperative look. Leave your locks down with your monotone suit to go for a brunch with your girlfriends. Any way that you can style your suit in, it is always going to love fabulous no matter what.

Boyfriend jeans with a blouse

Who said jeans cannot be used to make the biggest fashion statement? Boyfriend jeans in no way can ever look masculine if you style them the right way. With this one pair of jeans, you can actually create multiple style statements at different times. Style your boyfriend jeans with a trendy blouse so that you can mix a bit of casual and formal together. Pair them with a delicate white lace blouse to add that sensual touch of femininity to the whole look. You can even go for a nice jacket made from either leather or denim to complete a whole biker look that can look really cool. An unexpected little twist can actually make a huge difference to your look. Make sure that the size of your jeans is your true fit.

A hat and sunglasses are a must

A nice pair of glasses and a hat can take you back to the enchanted feel of summer. Nothing can make more of a fashion statement then statement sunglasses and a hat. A nice big pair of sunglasses can revamp your look. Try to go for a pair of sunglasses that suit your face cut. Picking out a pair too big or small cannot be flattering for your overall look at all. The same goes for a hat; whether it is a beanie or a beach hat, make sure you pick a style that actually highlights your delicate features in every way. Wear them with a dress or even some pants; these two pieces of attachments can add that level of elegance in your whole look.


Remember girls it does not necessarily mean that bold things will only make a fashion statement. Sometimes you can use subtle and classic pieces as well to make a very solid and impactful fashion statement. From a dress or a pair of jeans, you can actually style every outfit in a way that it can depict its style statement in a distinct way. Keep chic and elegant and your fashion game will eventually workout.  Always remember less is more so do not try to bulk up on different pieces to make a fashion stamen. Follow your heart and maybe one or two fashion magazines, like Loranocarter+Barcelona, a garment dealer that offers high-quality clothing at affordable price.

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