Tips For Keeping Your Hair Moisturized and Full of Life This Winter

If your hair has only just recovered from the summer season you might be looking forward to some relief before the winter season starts. Unfortunately, winter can be even harder on your locks than the summer was! If you don’t pay enough attention to your hair, it could really suffer in the cold weather. It couldn’t be more important to show your hair some love in readiness for the cold season, so here are some top tips to keep your hair well moisturizer and full of life no matter how cold the weather gets this winter.

The cold air naturally dries out your hair, and if you’re trying to keep it healthy it can be difficult to know what to do once the winter weather sets in. The main thing you need to focus on during this season is adding more moisture to your hair, so read on to learn more about how experts keep their hair fully moisturized even in the middle of winter!

Use Cleansing Conditioners

During the winter you might want to think about giving your shampoo a rest and instead, switching to a 2 in 1 cleansing conditioner and shampoo instead. If you use a co-wash as part of your haircare regime this winter, you’ll find that it’s easier to combat the dryness problem. Co-washes are milder than a regular shampoo and they also provide additional conditioning properties. When you use shampoos, make sure to choose one that’s designed to offer your hair as much protection as possible from dryness and breakage. Visit today to find out more about how to select the best shampoos to suit your individual hair type.

Deep Condition More Often

If you don’t frequently deep condition your hair, it could be time this winter to add in at least one deep conditioning treatment per week. This will work wonders in combating your dry hair problem. Try deep conditioning with steam or heat to get even more from your treatment.

Apply A Nourishing Oil

During the colder months you might want to consider using a pre-shampooing nourishing oil treatment. Simply apply it to your hair before you wash, leave it to work for around quarter of an hour then wash it away when washing your hair. This also helps to prevent depletion of moisture in between wash cycles.

Protect Your Hair

One of the most important things you can do for your hair during the colder season is to protect your hair from harm as much as possible. Try wearing a hat that has a lining made from satin as this works to prevent any dryness. Also consider protecting your hair when you go to bed at night by wearing a satin or silk head wrap or using silk or satin pillowcases. This will stop the cotton sheets from absorbing the oils and moisture from your locks.

Avoiding Excess Heat

Heat can cause damage to your hair at any time of the year, but it can be especially problematic when it’s already dry due to the colder winter weather. Whenever possible, try to allow your hair to dry naturally after washing it rather than using a blow dryer and try to avoid using heated curling tongs or straighteners.

Apply A Hair Botox Treatment

One of the best treatments for your hair during the winter months is a botox treatment. Of course, it isn’t quite the same as the botox injections that are injected into your skin but it can have a similar revitalizing effect. Hair botox treatments contain fillers like keratin and collagen to return your hair to good health and to restore its shine. There are lots of different brands of botox treatment for your hair to choose from, and you can read more here about how to pick the best one to suit your individual needs.

Follow these top tips and you’ll find that your hair looks and feels healthier than ever this winter season. With the right shampoo, conditioners, oils and nourishing treatments, as well as the best protective techniques, you can ensure that your locks are shiny and sleek all through this cold time of the year.

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