Tips for Choosing the Best Vet near You

The recommendations of other animal lovers can help you choose the most appropriate veterinarian to take care of the health of your pet, but you should also consider these factors to get it right.

The choice of the veterinarian who takes care of and monitors the health of our companion animal is not always meditated. We often end up jumping from one to another, or even going to the nearest one only when we need it. But he thinks that having confidence in the veterinarian not only translates into tranquility for us – his human family – but is also good insurance for the long-term health of our pet.

Health checks and vaccinations are often unquestionable appointments, and it is convenient to have a reference veterinarian who treats us on these occasions, but also when an emergency occurs. Ideally, we should look for the right professional since we start thinking about sharing life and housing with an animal, because you can advise us as to what type of pet or breed fits most in our rhythm of life or place of residence, in our availability of time and capacity for care, and in our economic conditions.

Importance of choosing the right vet

Surely more than once you have asked yourself how to choose a veterinarian for your pet.

At that time, you should ask several questions about the suitability of the professional since, as with humans, depositing the life of your little friend in the hands of another person is not a simple task.

If you have not yet chosen a veterinarian for your little friend, in this article we share some tips that will help you choose the best professional to attend to your pet. Do we know them?

Be it dogs, cats, birds, small mammals, aquatic animals or reptiles, everyone will need at some time the care or advice of a specialist, and therefore offers some recommendations and issues that you should consider to find a good veterinarian.

What should we consider while choosing a veterinarian?

When choosing a suitable veterinarian, there are many issues to consider; Price, closeness, and professionalism are the minimum requirements that most families demand. The opinions of other users can help us make a decision, but there are other factors that should be evaluated when choosing a veterinarian, such as:


The frantic pace of today’s society prevents us from reaching everything. An animal requires our presence, but also our care and our responsibility. A schedule that fits our needs ensures that we can fit a visit without involving the relocation of family order.

Contact options

Being able to contact the veterinarian by means other than attending in person makes things much easier for us. E-mail and telephone should be two options to assess as a means of communication.


Does the veterinary center have urgent care outside normal hours? Having a veterinarian to go to in an emergency can be essential to preserve the health or save the life of the pet.

Citation time

It’s no use having a good veterinarian if every time we want to make an appointment, we have to wait for weeks.

Pet insurance

Many veterinarians already accept the use of pet insurance, something that can be interesting if we plan to hire one.

The proximity to home

Many times, the proximity to the veterinary clinic is not usually a point taken into account. However, if our pet has to follow a treatment and must visit the professional quite frequently, the distance can be a concern.

Whenever you choose a veterinarian, try to have the specialist live near your home or, at least, in a nearby radius. In this way, you ensure greater comfort not only for you but also for your pet.

In large cities where the distances are huge, it is common for several veterinarians in the same area. Finding a veterinary center near home makes things easy for us, also in urgent cases.


Connecting with our veterinarian is essential. A friendly and close treatment will be the minimum we can ask for. It is also vital that you can answer our questions and do not mind explaining everything we need to know.

Human and material team

Knowing the spaces and materials (radiology, ultrasound, analysis furnitures for laboratory, hospitalization area, operating rooms…) and the people who offer their services in the veterinary center, is essential to choose. A modern center, with accredited professionals, is also important.

Trust is the most important

If you still do not have a veterinarian for your pet, ask a friend or neighbor maybe they can recommend you to someone you trust.

Accredited experience

A very important point, when choosing a veterinarian, is to take into account the level of experience of the professional and the degree of complexity of the veterinary clinic.

It is not the same to take your little friend to an inexperienced specialist than to one who is well experienced.

Trust is fundamental. Therefore, the professional must have the experience, accreditations that attest to his knowledge and, if it has been recommended, then that is much better.

Therefore, before you opt for a person, it is always good that you know the place beforehand to check what the rewards are.

Personalized veterinary care

When we do not know a veterinarian and for an emergency, you end up in this or that clinic, the attention that your pet receives will be, without a doubt, the letter of introduction and the entrance door for that professional to continue on not attending to your little pet.

Proper attention, close to your pet and personalized are priceless and everything depends on the professional that amazes you. Therefore, pay attention to how you deal with your little friend.

24-hour emergency and care

Many veterinarians currently attend 24-hour emergencies and, in some cases, offer ambulance service or home care. Choosing professionals that provide these services is security for you and your pet.

If you work or do not usually have a lot of time, having an emergency service and home care is a guarantee.

Specialization and complexity

As we have mentioned, the veterinarian’s specialization and the complexity of the clinic are essential for your pet to be well cared for. In that sense, it is very important that the professional has several specializations and that he has accreditations that attest to that knowledge.

As for the complexity of the clinic, the greater the equipment and infrastructure it has, the better.

Why? Very easy. If your pet needs somewhat complex studies or needs to be hospitalized, it is much more comfortable to have all studies done in the same place to which it has to be transferred.

Other services

Most veterinarians, in addition to offering hospitalization or complex studies, also provide services oriented towards the health care of your pet such as bathing, haircut or nail cutting.

Nursery, scheduled walks and hundreds of items that favor animal welfare such as toys, clothes or utensils among many other objects are also offered. Here are some other things you should consider when choosing the best vet near you.


Finally, if when you brought your pet the attention was not what you expected and you have doubts, it is best that you turn to another professional. Remember: It is always important that both you and your little friend feel comfortable with the specialist.

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