TimelinesAI – Multi-number Shared Inbox for WhatsApp

The Business Communication Solution That Boosts Performance on WhatsApp

The Team-Based Solution to Managing Your Business on WhatsApp

A WhatsApp Management Tool to Drive Your Business Forward

The WhatsApp Widget that’ll Help Your Business Grow

TimelinesAI is a multi-functional tool to help you manage your business communication and client relationships on WhatsApp. TimelinesAI can be set up in seconds for all your agent’s and allows multiple users access to the same Inbox. The platform also lets you employ collaboration tools such as a free WhatsApp live chat widget to manage all your chats, and emails and even enable refined mass messaging so you can craft audience-specific messages and send them only to those clients.

Create a Direct Line of Communication Between Clients and You

You can add the free WhatsApp live chat widget to your website to give all your visitors support on WhatsApp. The tool installs easily onto your website and allow users to contact you via WhatsApp. Customers can then send you direct messages, which any of your available agents or representatives can answer. You not only create seamless communication between your business and clients, but you can also add their number to your leads list for future outreach.

The Ultimate Communication Support Tool

TimelinesAI encourages better communication between you and your clients, but also between you and your representatives. The WhatsApp widget gives all your teams an easy way to collect important marketing data, while also letting them collaborate on creating pointed, data-driven mass messages and emails for a specific demographic. This message or campaign is then delivered directly to your client’s WhatsApp Inbox.

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