Time to Upgrade Your Auto Repair POS System?

Your POS does more for your business than you probably realize, but if you’re using an outdated system, it could probably be doing more. Even the most basic industry-specialized point of sale setup has a streamlined approach to meeting your customers’ needs, so you will be able to do things like track past work order history, get digitally signed consent forms and estimates, and track the labor hours spent by individual techs. If you haven’t upgraded your auto repair POS system in a few years, though, you might be missing out on key features that have begun to pop up over the last five or six years. An upgrade can help you do more work more efficiently, and that’s going to make it easier for you to make money.

Take Care of Scheduling, Clock-ins, and More

Over a decade ago, the Clover Station redefined what could be done with a POS by creating a versatile interface that could be upgraded into just about any specialized setup you wanted with a mixture of hardware add-ons and app downloads. The new second-generation models of the device go much further, offering an experience unlike anything seen in retail sales systems to date.

  • Customizable features using add-on apps and peripherals like last generation
  • Out of the box chip support with no additional purchases needed
  • Out of the box app support for specialized businesses
  • Additional models specialized to your business out of the box, in addition to the Clover 2.0’s core model

Clover has gone a long way toward meeting its audience’s feedback with a full spectrum of improvements, offering options like the Booker build for service businesses that do a lot of appointment-setting, in addition to the core model that can be easily customized to suit your needs. The best part? It continues to be priced for accessibility.

Save Money on Your Next POS

On top of the already accessible price points offered by the various Clover models in the new generation, you can save even more if you work with the right merchant account provider. In fact, it might be possible to get your POS free with the right service agreement. A lot depends on the provider’s policies and current sales. To learn more, you’ll need to look at the current offers and service bundles available from providers like Merchant Account Solutions who also sell equipment. Typically, merchant account servicing companies that also sell equipment have a variety of options. It’s possible to just get the equipment if you want to pay cash and pay full price, but when you bundle in a service commitment, you lower your own bottom line. When you commit to a long enough contract, it’s even possible to get your POS machine without paying for it. Of course, if you do move on to a new service, you’ll need to send it back. On the other hand, you can always negotiate for an upgrade as part of the terms of your next contract if you like the way it works out.

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