Tiffany Ash – Reasons to Reject Fast Fashion

It was my friend Tiffany Ash who first showed me what fast fashion looked like, and what exactly it was. This is basically the idea of buying cheap clothes, made abroad which are in style now, but which quickly go out of fashion and the buyer then moves on, discarding the original pieces. There are so many dangers of this industry and it can be very challenging for men and women to avoid it, given the low prices of these products and the marketing approach which these companies have. In spite of this however, this is something which we should all look to reject, and here is exactly why.

Cheap Labor

We have to ask ourselves how these companies are able to product clothing at such a cheap price, especially when it is being sent from the other side of the world. Much of the reason for this is that these companies pay terrible wages, often lower than the minimum wage which is set.

Not only this but workers in these factories have terrible conditions and they are often forced to work an incredible amount of hours. If we can lower the demand then steps could be made to then lower the supply and give these people better working conditions. Learn more about Reasons to Reject Fast Fashion at

Supporting Local and Independent

This year has shown us more than ever before that we must do our bit in supporting our local economy. This includes local and independent fashion designers and clothes makers. In supporting these men and women we are not only boosting the local economy but also buying higher quality and more unique pieces, which will last a lot longer than some of the fashion pieces which can be sent in from China.

Environmental Impacts

One of the biggest reasons why there is such a pushback on fast fashion right now is that the impact which it has on the environment is so bad. There are a number of ways in which this industry is harming the environment. Firstly we have the factories themselves which not only use large amounts of water and energy to operate, but which also provide huge amounts of waste which are pumped back into the Earth. There is also the miles which the clothing has to travel in order to arrive to the customer, and these are clothes which are sent to pretty much all corners of the globe. Finally there is the fact that these clothing items often become waste, rarely recycled, and that also contributes towards the problem which we have with regards to waste.


This industry in particular shows the worst of humankind, this reckless abandon with which we purchase items, all with the intention of looking great for a while before throwing it all away and starting again. The disposal attitude is not a great one for our planet, nor is it a great one for our economy, and this is why we have to push back against this trend and instead focus on higher quality goods, produced by people who care.

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