Three Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying Online

Online shopping is touted as the cheaper, smarter alternative to going out and buying items in physical stores. You do save on gas, and online stores are open all day and all night, making it convenient for your busy schedule. However, if you don’t do your online shopping wisely, you may still be on the losing end.

Before you buy anything online, ask yourself the following questions:

What will you do if it’s not the right color?

There are items that come in a standard size and will be useful regardless of the color. For clothes and makeup, however, you need to be sure of the color you’re getting. When face toner online shopping, you don’t have this problem because the product works regardless of your skin color. However, for makeup, a darker red than what was shown in photos could prove useless if they don’t look good on your skin tone. For foundation, blush, and lipstick, the shade matters greatly. One solution if you mistakenly bought a darker shade is to mix them with a lighter shade until you get the right tone to fit your complexion. Before you buy, make sure you have a plan in case the product doesn’t look the same.

Is there a store selling the same product cheaper?

product cheaper

Because price is one of the main reasons people shop online, it’s only right that you compare different stores to find the best value for your money. Some stores can offer exclusive items or bundles, which are not exactly cheaper but are more unique. However, if the product you want is available from different stores, look for the cheapest option before you check out. This doesn’t necessarily mean cheaper price per item; if one store sells a bundle for a cheaper price, that could bring down the cost per item significantly. Before you buy, know your purchase options.

Will you save if you buy bigger?


If you’re buying a product that you’ll use up quickly, it makes sense to buy them in bigger quantities. Items used in pieces, for instance, like false eyelashes or face masks, can run out so quickly. Purchasing them in small batches may mean additional expenses in individual shipping fees. It’s wiser to buy them in one go. However, for products that last long, such as a tub of moisturizer, blush, or lipstick, a single item will be enough.

They can last you months of use and buying in bulk may mean the extra items are closer to the expiration date when you get to using them. For these products, unless you use them up super fast, go ahead and buy just one each. Know how long they’ll last before you finalize your purchase.

Being a wise shopper doesn’t always mean buying big. If you always use price and quantity as the deciding factor, you may end up spending more in the long run. Consider your purchase and usage frequency to make the most of every visit to your favorite online shop.

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