Things you might forget while buying a chef apron

Every time we see a chef, we often see him or her in a hat and an apron. These two elements are an essential part of a chef’s uniform as they ensure cleanliness, sanitation, and safety. They are often worn with the uniform if it is the case of professional chefs working in a restaurant or hotel. It also saves the chef from oil spills and sauce and spice stains.

When an upcoming or beginner chef goes out to shop for a new apron, there are many things he or she might miss out on. Of course, the fit, length, and fabric are the main elements that come into consideration when buying a new chef apron. But let us not forget the other factors that affect your work efficiency. It goes as follows:

1. Pockets

The pocket configuration is an important factor even if many people might forget all about it! As students, the budding chefs need to keep notepads, pens, or tablets handy to note down all necessary instructions. On the other hand, the professional chefs who are working under tremendous stress, cannot afford to lose their necessary tools and accessories by placing them here and there. So that explains the need for pockets in a chef apron quite clearly!

2. Colors

Who said chef aprons are only available in the boring black and white colors? You can go for many other bright colors when shopping for a chef apron. For instance, if working in a cute cafe, you can go for colors such as pink, green, yellow, or something that goes with the theme of the place. But make sure that you do not break any protocol set by your workplace.

3. Matches your business

Do you work in a fancy bakery or a high profile restaurant? Now you must be wondering how this affects your chef apron purchase. Of course, it does. For modern themes, you can go with a contemporary style. However, for authentic places, it is recommended to stick to the traditional style. If it is for personal use, then you must follow the latest trend in the market to look up-to-date.

4. Stock apron straps

New colors and up-to-date designs are not the only factors that help to enhance the look of your chef apron; you can also do it with apron straps. While purchasing the apron, one must also focus on the accessories. Talking about apron straps, they come in a variety of styles and colors. Thus, you can choose the straps depending on the theme, occasion, or the menu. Other accessories include neckerchiefs, hats, and shoes.

5. Complement your existing uniform

We cannot stress this factor enough! Even though it has been mentioned in the above points, it is advised not to forget the dress code that is followed at work. While working in the hospitality sector, it is vital to match your attire with the staff wear to look professional. It can not only affect professionalism but also look visually distracting and affect the workflow.

6. Closure

While discussing the front of the apron, we cannot miss out on the back. How you want
to tie your apron entirely depends on your preference and comfort. You can choose between cross back and neck loop styles. Generally, the decision is based on the nature of the work. If you have to work with heavy items, the standard neck loop style might not be the ideal solution for you, as it will lead to shoulder pain or other health issues.

So, these were a few factors that you might keep in mind while buying a chef apron keeping the standard look, fit, and feel aside. You can put it up with other things such as chef shirts, hats or pants.

Find the right apron today

In today’s market, you can find an array of options in the range of chef aprons. In fact, you can also do so while sitting at home and browsing websites. Don’t believe us? See all chef aprons here. You will not only find your preference as per your personalized needs such as different closure styles or different pockets, but you will also see aprons in various types; bib, clip-on and sandwich apron are a few of them.

Yes, with the ease provided by the online websites, you can sit in one place and discover the various styles of chef aprons. Place an order online and see how conveniently the order reaches you in just a few days. Amazing, isn’t it? Then all you will be left with is to open the package, wear that lovely apron of your dreams and start cooking delicious recipes without having to worry about your clothes getting dirty.

So, what is your idea of looking like the chef you have been adorning since your grandma gifted you your first cookbook recipe?

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