Things to Remember When Buying a New Golf Driver

Looking to buy a new driver? Every golfer needs the right driver in their bag as every successful hole and round starts with a strong drive. It is not just power you are looking for here as you also need to factor in aspects like comfort, control and precision. So, what are a few key things to keep in mind when shopping for a new driver?


Every club in your bag has a different loft and this allows you to play different kinds of shots. This refers to the angle created between the face of the club and the ground – the lower the loft, the lower the flight of the ball. The right loft will depend on your swing speed, so you should work this out first. For beginners looking for a driver, it is generally best to opt for a higher loft to get more flight.


Length is another key factor and will be different for everyone and not just due to height. From a physics standpoint, the longer the shaft, the faster the head will travel, but this can also make it harder to control. This is why it is a good idea to try out a few drivers to find the one that is longest but you can still hit with consistently.


Weight can have an impact on the distance, control and comfort. Manufacturers try to make drivers as light as possible to produce the most distance with some being as light as 265 grams.


Adjustable drivers can be a great option because you are able to change key aspects of the club. This can allow you to tailor the club to your game as well as adapt for each shot. You can usually adjust aspects like the loft, lie and face angle.

Head Material

The driver’s head is usually either made of titanium or composite materials in today’s day and age. Titanium can help players to swing faster to achieve greater distance with a greater margin for error, which is due to the larger sweet spot. Composite materials can help to make the club lighter and you can find these with a titanium face for the best of both worlds.

Shaft Material

Those on a budget will find that steel shafts are the most affordable while titanium and graphite shafts are lighter and can help to increase distance. You also need to factor in the shaft flexibility – those with faster swings will prefer clubs with stiffer shafts.

Hopefully, this post will come in useful for any golfer looking to add a new driver to their bag. It all starts with this club, so it is important that you find one that works for you and helps you to elevate your game to a new level.

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