Things to Know Before Moving to Texas: Pros and Cons

Often called the Triple D by its residents, Dallas is one of the major cities in Texas. It is a great state and has a rich cultural and historical background. When you think of Dallas, Texas Rangers, Cowboys, smoked barbecue, and authentic Mexican cuisine are some of the things that come to mind. Remember the notorious Bonnie and Clyde? They hailed from Dallas, Texas.

The town houses the biggest art district in America, the Dallas Arts District, with 19 blocks of galleries, museums, and venues. Also, the popular “German chocolate” was invented in the town in 1957 by Samuel Germany, who the cake was named after.

Since 1886, it has held the State Fair of Texas, and the only exceptions were when the fair was cancelled due to World War I and II. The AT&T Stadium in Dallas is the world’s largest column-free room.

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Things to know before moving

1. Cost of Living

When you factor in its size, the cost of living in the town is pretty affordable. Although it is more expensive than Houston, it is still cheaper than Austin. For example, housing here costs about 49% less than that of New York, while feeding costs are lower by about 26%. Additionally, the average salary payment is $60,000. So if you are searching for a place with affordable living costs, then Dallas provides that for you.

2. Job Space

Dallas comes third in the country in highest-paid remunerations. A major reason for this is the large number of reputable companies headquartered in the town and its neighbouring environment. American Airlines (AMR Corporation), Fossil, Kronos, AT&T, and ExxonMobil are some firms with headquarters in or close to Dallas.

If you are not inclined to the formal career path and would rather run a business, it is also a very accommodating town. It is known that businesses tend to bloom there.

Some of the best places to live in Dallas are Park Cities, known for its beautiful topography, and East Dallas, for its water bodies suitable for kayaking, and picnicking. Also, Oak Cliff is reputable for its diversity and revitalization, while Central Dallas is known for its strategic location and delicious donuts.

Pros and Cons of Moving to Dallas Texas

Every place has its great features and not-so-great features. In case you are indecisive, here are pros and cons of living in Dallas TX to help you decide.


Dallas, Texas, is a town loved by many for good reasons. Here are some of its best attributes:

1. No State Income Taxes

You will be surprised that Dallas does not impose state income taxes on its residents. Although you should also put into perspective that the property taxes and sales taxes are mostly higher in Texas than in other states. Therefore, if you plan on buying a property, it will be best to plan higher than you would in a different state.

2. Great Food

If you are one of those who enjoy incredible food, this is a great place for you. The tacos in Texas are absolutely great, and there are some restaurants in Dallas whose tacos are a must-have. Their Tacos are so great that in 2013 and 2016, La Nueva Fresh & Hot Tortilleria in East Dallas won D Magazine’s “Best Tacos” nomination.

3. Sports

Dallas is home to some highly-ranked professional sports teams. One of them is the Dallas Cowboys, sometimes referred to as America’s Team. They dominated the NFL in the 90s and got their nickname when a commentator referred to them as America’s Team in 1978, after which the name stuck.

Also, the Dallas Mavericks (Dallas’ NBA team) is one of the great teams the town boasts of. The team is one of the NBA’s most competitive teams. If you are a sports lover, you may want to consider this.

4. Solid Educational System

The town is renowned for having many excellent schools with a solid educational system. For example, the School for the Talented & Gifted ranked second in the state, while the School of Science and Engineering ranked third. Also, Carroll Senior High School and Jasper High School ranked 6th and 11th in Texas, respectively. This gives you an idea of how great their schooling system is.

4. Arts and Culture

Dallas is rich when it comes to its arts and culture sector. Due to its high level of disposable income, residents of the town are big on philanthropy and arts. Hence, the town has several galleries, museums, concert halls, and live music venues. As a result, several people consider their arts and culture sector more than impressive.

5. Diversity

While it started as a mostly “white” town, over the years, it has diversified, having approximately 40% of its population as Hispanics, and 25% as African American. So, it is worth your thoughts if you love to live in a diversified society.


Now, let us examine the attributes of Dallas, that are not so great.

1. Heavy Traffic

The heavy traffic in town is at the top of the list of the cons of living there. Although it has some freeways, they still constantly battle with some serious traffic. Therefore, you will have to get accommodation close to your workplace to avoid dealing with the traffic.

2. Tornadoes and Hail Storms

One major problem Dallas residents have to deal with is the occurrence of Tornadoes, hail storms, and flooding. If you are moving into the town, you should be equipped with basic safety information, so you do not get stranded in the event of a tornado or hail storm. It would be best if you also considered getting accommodation with covered parking.

3. You should also prepare to spend a lot of time in waiting lines at many popular spots.

Things to Do in Dallas: A Checklist

If you are only in town for a short time, here are a few places to visit that will be worth your time.

1. The Dallas World Aquarium

2. The African American Museum

3. The Dallas Museum of Art

4. The famous Dallas Zoo

4. If you want to learn about John F Kennedy, you should visit the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza.

5. Spend some time in the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden

6. Support the Dallas Cowboys at the AT&T Stadium.

7. Take a walk in the Nasher Sculpture Park

8. Watch a performance in Deep Ellum

9. Go on a Bonnie and Clyde Tour.


Now, you have sufficient information about what life in Dallas, Texas, entails. You know what the town has to offer and what price you will have to pay for them. Next, you have to decide if you have enough reasons to move to Dallas, Texas.

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