There’s A Chance You Might Be Feeding Your Cats Wrong

Feeding pets can be a very confusing and very expensive affair – do you go for the cheapest food if you’re on a budget, or do you go for the most expensive food (or is that just marketing?). This is particularly a problem for first-time pet owners who might not understand what the right move actually is, and wanting the best for the cat, end up making the wrong decision, and this can also extend to things like feeding habits and regularity of feeding. As you might be able to tell, there’s a lot that goes into feeing a cat properly, which is why in this article we take a look at how you might be feeding your cat improperly.

Basic tips to get you feeding you cat properly

The best cat insurance in Australia won’t save your cat from a lifetime of poor eating. It’s important to remember, though, that it’s not their fault – it may very well be yours. Perhaps the biggest issue with feeding a cat is from owners who fill up the same bowl with food and keep it full all day, allowing a cat to come along and eat at their own discretion. Although this might be extremely convenient for a pet owner and appreciated by a cat, this can very quickly lead to problems for the poor kitty. Feline needs and health care are perhaps not as clear as you might think – indoor cats are obviously receive their sole nutrition from their owner, but when this food is delivered constantly, it can introduce a whole lot of issues for the cat. A bowl that is never empty doesn’t really factor in a cat’s unique energy requirements (the cat doesn’t understand its own energy requirements, after all), and this can lead to a significant amount of health-related issues.

Understanding a cat’s energy requirements

The always-full bowl is something that directly opposes every notion of cat evolution – felines are hunters and foragers, so the practice of giving them all the food they could ever possibly want gives them no real environmental stimulation. It also encourages cats to become sedentary, and fat as a result, as eating will replace your cat’s movement-related activities. And, just like in humans, overweight cats are much more like to suffer from anxiety, stress and a whole heaps of other physical health problems. If you have more than one cat and evenly distribute their food, on the other hand, one of your cats might not be getting enough food due to the other greedy cat. If you don’t have the time to give your cat small amounts of food spread out throughout the day, there are still some options available to you. Owners can introduce a puzzle feeder or move bowls of food around the house to satisfy you cat’s need to forage – plus, they’ll be able to get a little bit exercise at the same time.

Are you feeding your cat correctly?

As you might be able to tell, feeding a pet properly involves more than just giving them the right food. Making sure that their feeding times align more with their natural instincts to roam and forage is important, as your cat is going to otherwise sit at their bowl all day and eat to their hearts content.

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