The Top Seven Tourism Destinations In Florida That Shouldn’t Be Passed Up On Your Vacation

When you travel to Florida for your next vacation, you can travel to many sunny, exciting, and beautiful places. You could plan a long trip around Florida, or you might go to a central area that allows you to take day trips. Use the tips below to find the best places to visit. You can visit all of these locations on one trip, or you can plan multiple trips to the Sunshine State.


Orlando is the home of Disney World and Universal Studios. You could spend weeks here exploring all the parks, restaurants, and rides. Plus, the city of Orlando has several other attractions you might want to try. You could go to the planned community of Lake Nona. There are several farms in the area you might like to visit, and you can drive to either coast in about an hour.

Florida mansion rentals make a trip to Orlando much more affordable. You do not need to stay in expensive hotels when you rent a house for the family. You can use the house as your home base for the trip, and you can even host parties in the house if you like.


Jacksonville is the largest city by area in all of America. The city has spread across much of Duval County, and you could visit many lovely spots in the city that offer shopping and dining. However, you should come to the harbor every night to enjoy fine dining while the sailboats come in. You can stay by the beach, or you could stay in the city where you have access to luxury shops.


You can stay anywhere around Miami, and you will enjoy the beach, restaurants, bars, and clubs. You can go to the Design District, and you can drive up the coast to Fort Lauderdale if you like. Miami allows you to enjoy sporting events throughout the year, and you can party in the clubs on South Beach all year. Plus, you can visit locations that have been used in TV shows/movies like Scarface, Burn Notice, and Miami Vice.


Clearwater sits next to Tampa Bay, and it has a long beach that you can enjoy every day during your trip. You can stay in a quiet bungalow near the beach if you want, and you can travel to Tampa for shopping and entertainment. Plus, you can drive up the coast to Panama City Beach. You can drive down the coast to Sarasota or Fort Myers, and you can explore the Gulf Coast where the lifestyle is a bit slower than the lifestyle in places like Miami and Jacksonville.


Pensacola is home to an Air Force Base that allows you to watch planes come in and out all day long. You could enjoy the aircraft, or you could party on the beach for most of your vacation. You can travel down the panhandle if you want to visit places like Mobile, Alabama, or you could turn down the coast to see Panama City Beach. Pensacola is a great place to vacation because most people tend to travel to South Florida for their vacations.

Satellite Beach

The Satellite Beach is about halfway between Vero Beach and Orlando. This tiny community allows you to stay on a small peninsula that sits just off the coast near Melbourne. You are close to the famous Ron Jon Surf Shop, and you are near Cocoa Beach. You could drive down to watch the planes land at Patrick Air Force Base, and you will marvel at the clear Atlantic waters.

The Everglades

You need a tour guide to take you through the Everglades because you will spend much of your visit on an airboat. You do not want to learn how to use an airboat on your own, and you want to remain safe while exploring the area. This is one of the largest swamps in the world, and it will allow you to see amazing things like alligators and the Florida black panther. Plus, you can take amazing pictures of the tiny waterways that cut through the tall glades.

The Intercoastal Waterway

The intercoastal waterway runs through Fort Lauderdale, and it is part of a much larger network of rivers that runs up the east coast. You can make your way to Boston and beyond if you follow the waterway, but staying on the waterway gives you access to amazing clubs, marinas, and restaurants in Fort Lauderdale.


When you come to Florida, you should try to visit as many places as you can. If want to go to the amusement parks in Orlando, you can stay there for days in a rented house. You could go to Miami, up the coast, or you could try the panhandle as you explore Florida’s endless coasts.

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