The Top Places to Visit in Lisbon

As we approach the end of 2021, there is one thing that is giving us all more hope—and that is that the world is starting to open up again.

Gone are the days of having to cancel our long-awaited holidays and simply stay put at home for hours, weeks and months on end. While you should always plan your next adventure wisely and aware of each of the country’s unique entry requirements for visitors, you can now finally start getting excited about your next adventure.

And what better place to go to than Lisbon, Portugal. Only a hop, skip and a short flight away from the East Coast of the US and a train ride away from a range of other countries in Europe, Lisbon provides a magical holiday that will be one for the memory books.

From strolling along the Tagus river to exploring the Moorish castle and hopping on one of the vintage tram cars that go up and down the hilly streets, there is something for everyone to enjoy in Lisbon.

So to help you get the most of your time when you are planning your next visit to Lisbon, we’ve put together a list of the top places to visit when exploring Portugal’s most charming city. That way you can drop your bags at a secure and safe luggage storage in Lisbon and hit the streets as soon as you touchdown.

Here are the top places to visit in Lisbon.

  1. Get Medieval at the São Jorge Castle

One of the most iconic buildings in the colorful city of Lisbon is the fortress known as the São Jorge Castle. Historians date this building back to the 11th century, where royalty lived when the Moorish were leading the country. You will be able to soak up some stunning views and walk back in time at the extraordinary beginnings of this country.

  1. Tour the Ruins of the Carmo Convent

 We highly recommend getting a tour guide for this one, as there is so much history to learn while walking through the ruins of the Carno Convent. Dating back to the 1300s, it was actually first destroyed by a massive earthquake in 1755. However, it was once again restored, with the iconic azulejos, which are glazed tiles, filling the building with vibrancy, color and charm. You will want to give yourself at least two hours to make your way through the ruins and show up with a fully charged camera too.

  1. Explore History at the National Azulejo Museum

If you were impressed with the azulejos in the Carno Convent, then you need to make sure to pay a visit to the National Azulejo Museum while in Lisbon as well. You can easily take a bus or cab to this museum and will spend hours roaming through nearly five centuries worth of azulejo collections. To top this trip off, we also recommend treating yourself to a coffee in the former refectory that is nearby.

  1. Experience the Wildlife of Lisbon at the Lisbon Oceanarium

Being a coastal city, it is no surprise that Lisbon’s Oceanarium is worth a visit. In fact, it is one of the top places to visit amongst locals and tourists. Located in the Parque das Nações district, the aquarium has pretty much all the marine life you’d find up and down Portugal’s coastline. This includes the adorable puffins and penguins, jellyfish, sunfish and cheerful sea otters. The Oceanarium also offers a really unique experience of allowing patrons to spend the night there and witness the shark action as dusk falls. It is a truly must-visit spot for anyone in Lisbon.

  1. Take that Instagram Picture at Alfama

One of the most historical and well-known spots in Lisbon is Alfama. The name for this historical landmark comes from the fact that while the rest of the city crumbled as a result of that tragic 1755 earthquake, Alfama for some reason stayed standing. The fairytale-like cobblestone streets and colorful homes make Alfama the perfect Instagram backdrop to show off your amazing holiday in Lisbon. You can spend the entire day in this area too, with plenty of bars, stores and taverns to socialize in.

These five spots are just the beginning when it comes to exploring Lisbon. From old castles and fortresses to museums and streets teeming with history, you will love exploring this beautiful European city. So make sure to drop your bags off at your storage facility fast so that you can spend ample time exploring all these places and more! Where will you be going first?

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