The Top 10 Modern Health Hazards

The epidemic of meager physical and mental health, which had once engulfed the Western World, has left now no demographic untouched. Data suggests that two out of every 1000 people spend 100,000 dollars in paying medical bills every month. They are the sick people who make insurance premiums go up and bedevil policymakers.

The conventional wisdom suggests that with better prevention and insurance reforms, health issues and medical spending can be prevented. That said, some contemporary issues are extremely severe and tremendously unpreventable. While there are some diseases that people are aware of, others are damaging human health without people even realizing it.

The Modern Health Hazards We Face Each Day

This article sheds light on the top health hazards that are affecting human health in one way or the other. They are as under:

Time Poverty

With family, work, running a household and trying to stay fit, we end up rushing from one part to another. We don’t even take a break. And the more we manage the things in a hurry, the further behind we fall. This is because we want to meet all the self-imposed deadlines. Amusingly, we don’t know their implications on our health.

The result is the current problem, time poverty. It is a sense that makes people think that they are always short of time. In this way, they always feel less contemplated in their lives. In the end, they have to face the consequences on their health.

From stress and a poor diet to obesity to under-connected social relations – all is taking its toll on human health.

Toasted Skin Syndrome

Balancing your laptop on the knees for a longer period could leave you with discolored or even burnt skin. Moreover, recent studies warn about the heat produced by the computer can cause a sponge-patterned rash. It is similar to that as someone who has sat too near to a campfire to stay warm.

In a recent case in Europe, a 12-year old boy got a rash on his left thigh. This is because of the way he would balance his computer on one leg while playing video games. In addition, experts found that his computer got hearted up to 52 degrees when he worked with it on his legs.

Numerous major computer manufacturers now give a heads up about the negative consequences of placing a laptop on the lap.

21st Century Syndrome

Exhausted, irritable, experiencing digestion problems or a continuous cough or cold? Well, there are bright chances that you could be suffering from 21st Century Syndrome. This is an umbrella term that is used for a wide range of random ailments. It also relates to a less-known stress disorder called adrenal fatigue. This is officially documented by the World Health Organization. The ailment occurs because the adrenals get overworked. These are the glands that produce the hormone cortisol to enable us to deal with short periods of stress.

The curse of modern lifestyle causes the glands, positioned just above the kidneys, to burnout. And as cortisol levels decrease, the human body fails to respond to high-pressure situations.


Human history has experienced the worst global financial crisis of their lifetime. Its consequences are affecting us more than we comprehend. The latest research suggests that adults are losing more than one-hour sleep at night, upsetting about money.

Money worries are reasonable, especially during the period of financial unpredictability. However, most adults need between 6 to 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis. This is essential for better health and mental well-being.

A study found that taking supplements such as Red Borneo Kratom can help individuals get rid of stress and anxiety. You must buy Kratom from Kratom Krush or other authentic vendors. In this way, they will be able to sleep well.

Thomas the Tank Engine World

Have you ever heard about the little boy who watches so much Thomas The Tank Engine? The one that only speaks in phrases from the TV shows and refuses to integrate with other children at the nursery? Well now, miserably, this is the story of every three-year-old kid who likes to watch the famous TV shows. That is to say, they are trapping in their own Thomas the Tank Engine world.

The problem is becoming widespread with each passing day. The doctors warn watching too much television can lead to greater difficulties. Moreover, it also affects the child’s ability to focus while contributing to higher levels of obesity. The former is the result of a lack of activity that is the result of screen-based entertainment.

21st Century Fear

Crime, disease, the threat of floods, hurricanes, terrorist attacks, and plane crashes are all the realities of the modern world.

We are becoming very concerned about what ‘might’ happen in the future. We have stopped adoring life as it comes. That is to say, too much worry can have horrendous implications on your health.

Daniel Freeman, a clinical psychologist and author of Paranoia: The 21st Century Fear, explained that we are so worried about the things that won’t even happen. We have lost all perspective of life.

Gaming Addiction

Computer games are becoming so addictive that some people play games day and night. Psychologists maintain that the games possess strong psychological devices. They can compel some people to play to the point of passion. All of this can cause damage to their mental health.

The professionals believe that they are arbitrarily gratifying players with extra lives or new aspects. This ultimately urges them to come back for more. The danger of this problem is that the gamers are withdrawing from their lives. And they feel pleasure in living in their world of fantasy.

The World Health Organization cites that online games are major threats to the mental health of young people.

Expat Stone

The transient nature of the contemporary world means that more and more people are relocating to new places. However, where we decide to live can have a drastic effect on our health.

Long working hours, the car culture, and even having house cleaners were all blamed for increasing the Expat stone. Many people blamed the hot/cold climate for their incapability to drop the pounds. Now obesity is increasing in the modern world.


Visualize being sensitive to electricity then envisage a life deprived of televisions, computers, microwaves, mobile phones, or even the Metro. Well, this is a reality for some people. Being electrosensitive means retorting to electromagnetic radiation or electrosmog that happens all around us in today’s modern world.

Symptoms such as pain in the head, aching muscles, heart palpitations, and stomach cramps are the result of electrosensitivity. These can be manifold when people are near to mobile phone masts or wireless hotspots.

While there is little evidence to prove that radiation from wireless technology is a risk to our health. There is also a side of literature which is continuously demonstrating the impacts of being exposed to electrical appliances regularly.

DIY dangers

Changing a coat of paint in your living space or putting up some new shelves comes with its dangers. Paint comprises of harmful chemicals that can lead you to blackout if you paint in an airless room. That is to say, wallpaper paste consists of fungicides that prevent the mold and can trigger allergic reactions.

Tackling mold in your bathroom with the help of bleach could burn your nose and throat. In this way, you can imagine the hazard of handling DIY tools!

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